Is Amazon S3 Reasonably Priced for Hosting a Video Course?

by troy23
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Does anyone use Amazon S3 for their membership site video file hosting?
Just wondering if you get a high monthly bill.

I heard their charges are reasonable.

If you had say 100 students watching the videos I am wondering what the monthly bill would look like.

I know there are other options like DropBox that charge a flat rate so that is an option for me also.
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    That is for you to decide. What you find reasonable and what others find reasonable could be worlds apart. Go to AWS and use their calculator to figure what you need then you can make your decision from there


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    There are other more affordable options - do a google search for CDNs.

    Have you considered unlisted youtube as a starter option?
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      I've got long standing YouTube accounts, one of which makes good Adsense revenue and I would not want to risk losing them, even if I marked the videos as unlisted. I may just put them as downloadable though in the end. I see little advantage to online streaming.
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    Yes, I do. We use it across all our websites in our business.

    I use it in my membership site for my online courses, for delivering Audio, Video and PDF. We also deliver our paid plugins' Zip files via S3.

    Our bill could be anywhere between $10 - $50 a month. I wouldn't call that high, given the number of websites we're using it on, and the number of videos, audio, PDF, Zip and Doc files we regularly deliver to our thousands of users.

    If all you need to do is just store files publicly, then you're probably going to find slightly cheaper options. But if you want security, scalability, integrations with plugins like S3MediaVault, integration with CDN's like CloudFront, ability to do true-streaming via HLS, transcriptions and such, then S3 is your best option, because it's been around for so long and has been so reliable, that there are a lot more integration solutions available for it for whatever you're looking to do.

    Full disclosure: I'm the creator of a S3/CloudFront WordPress plugin called S3MediaVault.

    I've written articles and done podcasts and videos about using S3. PM me for details.

    - Ravi Jayagopal
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    I find it extremely cheap. Last monthly bill was something like $1.22 I think and I host all of my software files that customers download after purchasing. Plus more.

    I used to host all of my sales page graphics on S3 a few years ago and even after 25k - 30k visitors during a launch, it was still only a few dollars.

    Videos are larger in size - But even then I wouldn't think it would cost much. You're best looking at your unit cost charges, and video file sizes and do some basic calculations based on that.
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    Yes, I use it to host all my courses. It's very reliable and the first year is free - after that it's dirt cheap.
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    I have a youtube account I use for this...price is right. Just post videos as not public

    Ive used s3 in the past. They are great but costly

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