Where can I post my videos to get views?

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Hi I was trying to post on Reddit videos to try and get views for my videos, but my videos keep getting rejected....Apart from Facebook groups where else can I promote my videos to get decent traffic....?
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    I heard of a site. I think it is called youtube but not sure. that might be a good place.

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    Where are you hosting your video? YouTube, Vimeo, Wistra, your own website? Can it be uploaded and/or do you have a link?

    In any case, the better question might be, at least when it comes to social media, where can't I post my videos?

    Instragram, Twitter, Tumblr, TikTok, etc. In some cases you might have to adjust the size and you need to have common sense about acceptable subject matter.

    As for Reddit? You might find a search for 'reddit video rejected' helpful.
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      True its the only real way to rank your videos unless you have 50-100k subs
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    Only Youtube !
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      Why only? Why limit yourself?

      Originally Posted by StefanP View Post

      Only Youtube !
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    Hey @yoobiz247, youtube is a global leader in video content marketing with maximum video watching subscribers. Don't you know that you should post your video on Youtube to get as many video views as possible? Even, children know about youtube and they visit it for solving their educational problems and watching entertainment related videos.
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    As many others have already said, Youtube is a great place to start but by just uploading your video you aren't likely to just get hoards of viewers if you haven't optimised your video for organic search traffic.

    One good thing to do is interact on Youtube by commenting on other video's that relates to yours and responding to other peoples comments on video's.

    If you do that some people will come and check out your channel, just make sure not to be spammy and actually comment something relevant.

    You could also add a link to your video in your signature (If the video is in a different niche join niche specific forums and interact there).

    There maybe a section that will allow you to actually post the video.

    You can create teaser versions of your video and post them on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Snapchat etc and direct them to the Youtube channel.

    There are just a few idea's for you.

    You have to actively promote your video.
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    I think youtube best place
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    Originally Posted by agmccall View Post

    I heard of a site. I think it is called youtube but not sure. that might be a good place.

    haha ..yes friend...video and not promoting on youtube is jokes...One more thing ...start on tiktok as well
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    Youtube or even on Facebook mate. Try doing it on both and see how you go.
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    IGTV -- Gets some good views. Ive been playing with it myself (InstaGram)

    God luck

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    There are many video platform around the world. Bellow are the best and you can promote your video there.

    1. YouTube
    2. Facebook
    3. Myspace
    4. Dailymotion
    5. Pinterest
    6. Vimeo
    7. Twitter
    8. Reddit
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    Guys! I'm pretty sure his video is already published on YouTube.

    Is this just a random video with no real keyword to rank for?

    Or is it a traffic-heavy keyword that if rank can get lots of traffic?

    Maybe focus on ranking your videos first before spamming on other sites.
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  • You Tube and now there is Tik Tok !!!
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    Youtube is a really great place my friend
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    Youtube is a great place. Try to rank your video on youtube.

    Simple ranking steps that has worked for me in ranking videos:

    1. Optimize video file, thumbnail, tags, and other "on page" settings
    2. Immediate embeds on PBN's
    3. Embed on web 2.0'S
    4. Social Signals
    5. Build relevant links
    6. Comment other peoples videos that are relevant to your niche
    7. Use some paid advertisements

    I hope this help and I wish you much success.
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    I think the trick here is to drive views to the video once you put it up on YouTube, you need views, comments, likes and shares to get your video ranked in YouTube search. I promote my videos using thousands of Micro Influencers. I get them to share the video on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to drive a ton of traffic. When you get 4,500 Micro Influencers sharing your content, it's going to generate a massive amount of video views and get the video ranked in YouTube search
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    You can post videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram if they are short, Tumblr, your own blog/website. I bet there are tons of video sharing sites if you do a Google search too.
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  • Youtube is the best option for video marketing But you are asking for views that totally depend on your video content and also your video seo optimizations Because if your video will rank on some desire keywords and searches will be high than you will get surely views
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    Post all YouTube videos on all Video platforms. you can Google that. Then post your single VIdeo on all Social media sites. after that focus on spending a few dollars on YouTube Ads
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    You is the best place to post your video. It is the second most visited site in the world today. Besides, it free to upload your video and it already has traffic.

    Just make sure your videos are in the right niche...research what your competitors are doing!

    I hope it helps.
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