Why Limit Course Enrollments?

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I have noticed a trend where a lot of people offering courses limit enrollment to only a few times per year instead of leaving enrollment open permanently. Does anyone know why do they employ this strategy? It it for the psychological aspect to build in scarcity? I just can't see the sense of it from the standpoint of profitability since leaving their course enrollments open permanently would undoubtedly generate more profits.
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    Depends on how much involvement the seller has in 'the course'. For a course that has a beginning, middle and end - there may be question/answer period or seller may interact with buyers during the course. That would make opening and closing enrollment at specific intervals an organized way to offer a course.

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    This is usually done in line with launch marketing

    It exploits the SCARCITY INSECURITY that's seared into the HUMAN MIND

    Very powerful marketing approach

    You have to set up the anticipation just right with your mailing list updates though

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