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Dare I bring up this topic?

I read a bit about marketing in Latin America, during times of hyper-inflation.
Bolivia, Argentina, etc.

As I recall, long term "branding" was OUT. The need for immediate action was IN.
Direct marketing was in, as you could change prices as needed, daily if need be.
Keeping 3 sets of books was important... one in the official currency... one in the black market currency... and I forgot the 3rd one.
Commodities were HOT.
Regulations were UNBEARABLE.

Just thinking.
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    The economic collapse hits the employees, the people who survive in that kind of conditions are the real winners. Because they are the only people who worked with honesty. So I can conclude is that economic collapse brings unemployment to the industry. So we need to work hard that can be only the key that can save jobs.
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