Google's Trending Video App Tangi Is TikTok for People Who Enjoy Pinterest

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Latest launch by Google an "experimental social sharing video app" called Tangi for short, 60-second tutorials.

The app is a product from Google's incubator, Area 120 for more experimental projects that has led to products like CallJoy, Emojishot, Game Builder, Rivet, Touring Bird, Chatbase and Shoelace.
It is now available in the App Store and currently for only IOS users only and at, not for Androids as of yet. In a blog post about the app, Googles service's team lead Coco Mao wrote that the service is a place to find and share DIY video content for things like painting, cooking, fashion, crafting and beauty, and various other topics. It's kind of like TikTok for people who enjoy Pinterest, or YouTube's DIY community.

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