DIVERSIFICATION-Follow These Rules in Your Paid Advertising Campaign

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So, here's what I've noticed about the half dozen expensive courses that have come out on affiliate marketing. ALL of them referred to just two main traffic sources for paid traffic: Google and Facebook Ads.

Some of these courses are excellent, but you're are building a risky business if it is based just around Facebook Ads or just Google. Yes, there's no doubt that Facebook or Google are great platforms to get leads and customers from, but what happens when they suspend or close your ad accounts?

You can literally lose your business overnight and it reminds of me of the Ad-sense gold rush about 15 years, when people were quitting their jobs because of their Ad-sense earnings, only to get their Ad-sense accounts shut down.

The key to survival online is diversification. My rule of thumb is to never have ONE traffic source responsible for more than 25% of the traffic for a certain product or affiliate offer.
If one traffic source gets shut down, it's okay because you STILL have 75% of traffic going to the offer. You're still in business.

Putting all your eggs in Facebook ads or Google is a recipe for disaster. If You already have a well-built, engaging Sales marketing funnel for a certain product you offer unique bonuses not offered by others look around and test....test...test! Twitter, Bing, Yahoo, Pinterest, Linkedlin
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    Good advice as always Laszlo, Udemy has some courses that don't cost an arm and a leg.
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    I think the people who always suggest Linkedin ads have never run one. Have you checked the CPC lately?
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    Bing/Yahoo has always been a favorite of mine and it's getting better. You do have to restrict some sites. No need to list them. You'll find out soon enough. And, like any other paid advertising strategy, you need to experiment and be willing to face lackluster results as you adjust your keyword bids and ad text.

    A lot of affiliates give up too soon and criticize the product, the affiliate platform or people in general. Yes, you can spend your days pasting links on Facebook. But we are not talking about a lot of money when using a platform like Bing. Considerably less expensive than Adwords or Facebook and not as competitive.

    $5 a day can do the job if you are willing to make adjustments as needed.
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