What are your thoughts on Giving FREE Membership Site?

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What are your thoughts on Giving FREE Membership Site? (Members only Access) Have you ever seen someone do this successfully? I am just wondering if you give FREE membership site access, do you think there is still people who want to join. If yes, what topics or niches to go for? And what membership platform available?

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    I hope I understand you right, if yes:

    there are always people who want to join if you provide something they desire and which solves their problem

    for example half a year ago I offered free access to a membership site and people could join and watch videos on how to start a business..

    you can then monetize this by providing helpful links (affiliate links) to other services which are helpful for what you are teaching

    I did this on kartra , but clickfunnels is also a good way to go

    you should choose a niche you either like or atleast don't hate, it depends on your personal interest
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    Yes it is good idea..give basic membership free then offer valued for some $$$
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    Free membership sites that are stripped down versions of the premium version often backfire

    If you need proof, look of SMM freemium model sites

    It's a crapshoot

    Let's put it this way, if your product has REAL value, people will step up and pay for it - especially if it is a B2B offer

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    Free membership sites aren't all they're cashed up to be. I believe that if you're selling something solid that people will enjoy and invest in, why the need to usher them with a free sample?
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