Props to The Warrior forum!

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It's been a minute, since I have logged in... Today, after years of being deflated by the content and dialogue, I am amazed at what is happening here.

It is shifting and beginning to sound like the old Warrior forum again!!

I am ever-joyed at alot of these threads, and they dont seem like rubbish. Its been awhile since I felt that... The WF has always had an amazing spirit and feel... and it seemed like that would never come back.

Props to all you old veteran Warriors who stuck by it and showed all the new people how it operates. The Wf has always been moderated by members... and it seemed impossible, but you guys have really not let it go down, you are getting these new people into the mentality, and it is starting to show!

Good job guys.

The spirit was waning but you stayed with it through the fire, kept it alive, and are finally seein it start getting back into shape!


Ps. I was a little set back, or I would have been here with you.
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    It's definitely hitting its stride

    Props to the great staff
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    Yeah, overall it is a definite improvement compared to the past few years. New members seem to be more serious minded and more than a few new members seem to be more seasoned compared to last year.

    The WF Staff, Admins and Member Mods, certainly deserves a lot of credit for all of their hard work and contributions.

    The overall Membership, new and old, also certainly deserve a BIG Shout Out.
    In the minute it took me to write this post.. someone died of Covid 19. RIP.
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  • As a ditz who swankied by when WF hit a bad patch, natchrlly ima bask in the reflected glory till my toenails catch light.

    Meantime ... neat post, John.

    Gotta hope more Warrior specters manifest packin' nooly reinvigorated flesh.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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      Originally Posted by writeaway View Post

      Traffic is also on the upswing

      Really, I just looked at the main forum page. Yesterday 2/9 4 threads were commented in for a total of 7 posts.

      I come here quite a bit and sometimes go days without seeing a new thread of value. Not sure about the traffic, but you can have a ton of traffic but if that traffic is not participating it is basically worthless.


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    Fully Agree John, I don't get on much lately for the same reasons, too much garbage. But it is coming back and I've actually learnt a couple of things in the last 6 months or so.
    To the professional warriors, keep on keeping on (as a famous man once said).
    It's getting good again.
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    I've only just started, but I already feel inspired.
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    Viewership is up so there's reason to be optimistic that this will lead to increased levels of participation/thread replies.
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    I think with the potential of revenue online, this forum has taken a step in the right direction.
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