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A straight forward question, what will be the best target audience in adwords, bing or fb ads to promote or sell digital marketing related products? Products maybe ebooks, video courses or any applications.
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    I think fb ads is the best for promoting your business- but bing is also good -- you can promote your business with google ads.
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    so....all of the above?

    No one can tell you which ads will work best for YOUR product...that's why you test ads to find what works.
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    Facebook ads seem to get the most success. But it all depends on how you market your product. You could have a lousy campaign on fb and no one will buy anything.
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    For paid FB ads, you can do interest targeting OR if you want to do it the CHEAP and SMART way, do this:

    set up an online marketing page

    promote the page via general targeting

    get enough likes then PROFILE your members to run a LOOKALIKE AUDIENCE CAMPAIGN

    ORIGINAL CONTENT: Only $0.005 USD per word
    Quality Bulk Content for Articles / Blogs / Websites
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    Nobody can tell you exactly target audience, you will have to figure out byself and with help of google, because it depend on that particular product.

    The best way to learn from few youtube video on how to find best target, apply and test it. If that works go ahead or cut..test test test test is only way..
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    Thank you all for helping. But my question is about what the interest and demographics we need to select for this. And for google ads what will be proper keywords?
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    • I am not exactly clear about what exactly you plan to market despite the broad-based examples you had given.

      But bordering on your broad-based examples, you can try to select interest groups in Facebook (if doing FB ads) like "working from home", "online business", etc. Demographics will be both genders but I would give a higher weightage to women than men. Age ranging from early 30s to late 40s.
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    It's very depends on what product you intended to promote

    Each product will be match with a group a people

    There is no specific answer for your question

    But you can know more about your target audience if you go to groups, or forum that relate to your products

    Hope this help
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    It's all depends on your product, that what kind of product you want to sell after that you can decide which platform will be best for your product for sale. you just try it yourself and find out the best platform for your product. Otherwise, anyone cannot tell you which platform is suitable for you.
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    I would rather go for Facebook ads than Bing ads. It' obvious that Bing has smaller user audience than Facebook. Facebook allows you to advertise to people based on
    their interests. You can include rich media (photos and video) in your ads to make them more appealing. I believe that Facebook has great potential for businesses which are highly active in social media.
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      But in short stick to FB ads! (atleast till you master it)
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    All of those are good. I like FB because they don't shoot past my ad spend like adwords... you can get a voucher at voucherstore net if you are creating a new adwords account, and can get $100 in ads.
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