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I just checked my web stats. An old site - nothing added for ages, but it's still there - has had one visitor on the site for the last two hours. They (person or bot) have visited every page and downloaded one of the free handouts 15 TIMES. What??? It isn't that exciting.

I feel a hacker or copier coming on! Strange, because just today I was thinking it was time to take the site down and start again.
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    here is something really strange Well, it seems that you have made the right choice when created this site. Now it is time to get some money out of it, obviously you were way ahead of time, and you have some valuable content if people are trying to copy from you.
    Good luck!
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    I am not so sure that what you are being told is happening is true.
    I saw some strange activity on one of my sites 2 weeks ago that gave me a jump of 400% in recorded visitors.

    Now everything is back to what it was with perhaps a slight increase in daily visitors.

    We are dealing with stupid machines here. Sometimes they are dumber than real humans. The machines do something because they are dumb.

    Wait it out and I am pretty sure your dead site will return to its previous existence.

    Of course if you are not making any money or other benefit from the site why not do something about that. This way it will really matter that 15 downloads have taken place.

    Good luck

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    Wow, that is really strange.

    Please read the sig file rules

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    It is probably a bot/spider. I wouldn't worry about it, maybe block their ip if you are.
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