Returning/Aspiring Internet Marketer - Need Suggestions

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Hi I left the IM scene 8 years ago because of financial reasons. Now that I have my life back on track I'd like to take one more shot at it.

I'm interested in print on demand t shirts to sell. I know t shirt designing and would love to use this skill. That way I can do what I love and make money out of it at the same time.

I recently bought a domain though and started to build a website. I planned to have my Teespring campaigns on the website. However as I got further and further on my website building I realized that teespring has it's own checkout page and I am unable to embed it on my own website.

So now, I'm planning to have my domain redirect to my Teespring storefront and use that instead as my "website".

My question is, is that okay SEO wise? I plan to get traffic via instagram and facebook ads. OR... if there is a way that I can embed my campaign into my ecommerce website, I can do that instead.

I'd like to know what people who sell T-shirts on teespring do to market their campaigns as a sort of input. Do they market the shirts on their website? Or have the teespring storefront itself be the website?
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