71% CONVERSION WITH BING ADS - here's how i did it

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Hi guys!

I think that i'm reaching the number of master now
I've just got this number after lots of trials and testing.

Here's what i did to have this number

I joined into a lot of groups and forums to understand more about
my ideal customers.

I wasn't only offer free stuff, giving away free stuff is not good all the time
But i copy and tweak also. I copy the contents from the sale page that i wanted to promote
then tweak them a bit and see the data.

Check and tweak then repeat all over again

Finally i got into this point.

I hope this help
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    Interesting. How much did you spend to finetune your campaign?

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  • That's certainly great for you.

    I guess in any form of advertising, be it online or traditional form of advertisng, it is all about testing, tweaking and re-testing till you get the near-perfect formulation.
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    Is that conversion on traffic to leads or traffic to a CPA conversion?
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    You mentioned tweaking and copying content, does that mean that you are running your own offer?
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    hmm could you go more in detail about what you did?
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    Here's the proof ! If you want you can do it !
    Thank you for this information ! Can you (if you want) tell us the niche that you have promoted ?
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  • Hey, master, why not post this after 100, or 1000 conversions?

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    This sample size is too small to have any weight to it. I wouldn't get too happy and start tooting your own horn. That's not to say you don't have the makings of a winning campaign however, come back with an update after you have 100 or even 200 conversions.
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    Please try using the same parameters on Google or Facebook ads and let us know the results.
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    Continue optimizing. Don't get so comfortable just yet. It's way too soon. Hell we're not even getting started yet. Congrats on results thus far though!
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    Those who critic, can you guys share your result?
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