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Hi everybody

I stumbled upon the warrior forum the other day and have been getting some help with a recent ad campaign that I have set up to promote my driving school.

I have noticed that particularly in the UK there is a lack of decent informative websites in the LEARNING TO DRIVE NICHE.

I have got thousands of search terms that my students would use and I have all the content that could be put on a website as I am a DOE Aproved Driving Instructor and know quite alot on the subject.

However I am not the best at designing websites and article marketing etc to say the least lol.

Anybody think that this is a HOT niche in the Uk?

Just a suggestion.. And I am will to help.

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    When it comes to IM, if you have a hunch, trust it. Sometime ago, I had a hunch that people will go towards alternative lifestyles, one of them being frugal living. I bought a couple of domains and it's paying off right now, since many people are seeking info about frugal living.

    My point is, if you feel there's a need, then go for it. As a internet marketer, this is perhaps one of the toughest things you can learn: taking risk in niches not yet hot.
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      I think it's best to test it out--Just create a small site and drive traffic to it. Put up maybe a $7 ebook and check your response with sales and list building. If you do find that its lucrative then spend time and build it up extensively. Only way to know for sure if it's a good idea is to test it.

      I think you'll also have more success with an ebook/ecourse on a money making program--that is--how to make money teaching other people to drive etc...

      Hope this helps!
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        Perhaps try a blog first and see where it takes you. They're virtually free and if you can drive a decent amount of traffic there then you'll know you have a niche.
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        Laura Swane
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          coming from the UK myself and having a wife who is learning to drive I can tell you it is a brilliant idea. I mentioned it to the wife and she thinks such a site is long over due. If you need help with your project PM me.
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