Playing with words

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This is just an observation that hit me.

This internet marketing thing is about words, about stitching them together in a way that will generate an emotional response, and I've seen it clearly used in some of the threads. I won't mention which one though, just read the threads.

It was used by some of the more experienced IMers here. I will not give details, but it's actually good. Somehow we are learning to play with words and how to benefit from them.

Though there's always two sides in everything, I still enjoy knowing this techniques.

Think about it. First we choose keywords, we research it on the basis of how many pips are actually searching for it.

Second, we promote it. We write articles about it, articles that should call to attention.

Third, we benefit from it, and the basis of that is the proper playing/handling of words.

Just my two cents.

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