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Hello everyone,

So I have build a quite unique skillset over the last couple of years within the coaching/personal development field. I have been able to live primarily off online sessions with around 10-15 clients over the last couple of years. I met these clients randomly through friends etc.

I am now wanting to really expand the business, start charging more and have more choice in the people that I would like to work with, and thus need to generate traffic/leads.

I will be publishing a book on amazon over the next 2 months, which I think will be helpful. But am also looking to do some paid advertising to get the ball rolling.

What would be the best approach for me and what ressource would you recommend to get started?

I myself have thought of facebook ads, but unsure of how to get started with this.
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    A strong content marketing strategy and seeing what works the best.
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    Originally Posted by Undercovercash View Post

    I myself have thought of facebook ads, but unsure of how to get started with this.
    How to Set Up a Facebook Ads Campaign
    Step 1: Set some goals for your Facebook Ads. ...
    Head over to Facebook Ads Manager. ...
    Choose your objective. ...
    Step 4: Define your audience and budget. ...
    Step 5: Create your advert. ...
    Step 6: Choose your ad placements. ...
    Step 7: Place your order.
    Get as narrow as you can over time to improve your conversions and CPC.
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  • Great to know that you are already trending very well with your personal coaching business !

    Do you have your Fan Page set up on your Facebook (FB) ? If you are already having your FB account, start off with your Fan Page first as from there you can boost your Fan Page first while learning how to advertise through FB.

    You can also consider Google Ads or Microsoft Ads. I would advise you to go for Google Ad for its younger profile since the target audience of your business is predominently the younger ones. Using your Google Ad and link them to your website or squeeze page (if you have one) coz through this way, you can also connect with them directly.

    Many ways to do it, Dude ! Good luck !
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    From my experience, before any ads or whatever, first send you book to a paid review book club. they would read your book and write a sincere review for your book on amazon. if the review is above 3.0, this places your book above average, amazon promotes books with good reviews. when they give your book more exposure, pay for amazon ads. why pay for Facebook ads, when there is amazon ads. Get your reviews first.
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    I would focus on building your brand on YouTube. It tends to drive high quality traffic and really is easier than most other forms of traffic. You cannot be afraid to make videos of yourself giving useful information.

    Learn how to start your own Solo Ad Business without an autoresponder or build a list. It's Fast Fun and Profitable.

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    Based on what you have shared, I would recommend focusing on content development through a few key channels like Youtube, Facebook Page, maybe Instagram and of course your own website, this will help you establish your brand and authority as well as gain leads and followers naturally for the long term.

    Adwords should also be part of the equation as it will allow you to get highly targeted traffic and help you test and narrow your audience.

    If you do not have it yet, set up an automated funnel along with a course or something similar that your clients can access in 100% automated fashion, this will enable you to scale up.

    Best of luck and keep it up!
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    I know of one coach who made $100k in 3 months, starting from nothing, by building a relevant FaceBook Group, engaging people there, then pitching them, and he did it for free . . .

    with effective FB ads, it should grow much more quickly, and after some initial paid growth, it will then continue to grow for free.

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    I think that hosting a webinar and advertising your webinar would probably be a smart move.

    Ultimately, you shall require some form of marketing funnel or a lead generation funnel in order to get the ball rolling. Once you have that, the name of the game is to promote your funnel by any means necessary.

    That's why webinars might rock for your coaching/consulting offer. Webinars allow you to generate leads, tell your story, build authority, and they can also help you sell.
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    I think Facebook Ads can be a good start. Microsoft Ads and Google Ads work well too. You should consider advertising on websites, blogs, and forums in your niche also. Make sure you run your numbers and that the price of your books convert at a rate that's good enough to break even - or even make a profit. On top of that, make sure that you get each customer's information so that you can sell to them over and over again - thus increasing your overall business profits.

    If you add free marketing to the mix, you will lower your costs of advertising using the advice above.
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    I would advice you to market your books through the Amazon ads. Also try to contact some book clubs for review. If you want to get organic sales, you need to get as many reviews as possible.
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    I would definitely focus on building a content marketing strategy to build awareness of your brand. Then as your brand gets a little traction I would run a contest to extend the reach.

    The I would set up a funnel using some bait and then making a coaching offer on the thank you page.
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    Lots of good advise here
    I would double down on what Randall Magwood said above
    On top of that, make sure that you get each customer's information so that you can sell to them over and over again - thus increasing your overall business profits.
    Having a product with no one to sell to is a nightmare. Having a list hungry for a product is a dream.
    John Lennon said this "Let's write a pool!" What he meant is that they already had a guaranteed list of buyers (radio stations, record stores etc) When he wanted to add a pool to his house, all he had to do was to write a song to pay for it. That is where you want to find yourself.

    Also, solo ads may be up your alley. Find someone who has great traffic in your niche already and pay them to run your ads. Guaranteed focused traffic. Just be very picky on who you choose
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