How to get more inbound leads on social media?

by teammc
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Inbound lead generation means that prospects are contacting me, as the expert. I prefer this method as when it's the other way round i'm the salesperson.

From my experience I also find it so much easier to convert leads when they are coming to me.

I currently use FB and Linkedin and i generate leads through commenting on posts etc.

I am looking for more ways to generate leads, which will create the in-bound effect?

I find generating content, can be a slow process. I'm looking to spend no-more than 30-minutes per day, generating leads.

I'm looking for more, creative ways?!

What are your QUICK lead generation tips, for creating the inbound effect?
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    You can try curated content with a tool like Sniply. Your promotion will appear at the bottom of their post. Won't work with all websites but probably 75 - 90%. The sniply tool will let you know if it's a CTA compliant site.
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    I've always had decent luck with Twitter for lead generation. The quality of Social Media leads are pretty "so so." is great for posting content that could go viral

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      Thank you, Depogang. I really want to ask about this and please excuse any naivety as I am a newbie to these topics. I have posted religiously on Twitter for 8 months or more. I rarely get decent engagement, I get a few retweets and likes here and there but have never had even a sniff of Lead Generation. How can you make that happen, if that's something you are willing to share. Thanks.
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  • Build your leads by doing solo ads, very fast way to generate but it is a paid advertising.

    Free traffic will always take time. But you are on track with FB and LinkedIn. Participate in forums to build your credibility helps as well.
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    If you only have 30min a day, try to ready the content and schedule it for posting in advance. Tools like Hootsuite can be useful for this.

    Spend the 30min to go through the search results for keywords like "looking for xxx service" or "suggest me xxxx expert". Promote yourself on posts like these.

    Regardless, it takes time.
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      Thanks, but how do you do this? Do you go through the search results on Hootsuite or Google for the suggested 'looking for xxx service' - sorry slightly confused by this.
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    You can write articles and get social media influencers to share them

    Usually, mentioning influencers in your article can help boost these articles' chances of getting shared

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    Thanks, Writeway.
    I have seen this suggestion around social influencers and it's perhaps because I am a complete newbie, but how do you find social influencers in your niche, never mind get them to take time out of their day and 'influencing' to share YOUR article.
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  • Generating leads is the most important part of any business, why do people attend conferences, trade fairs, evening networking events etc? No sure anyone can go very far just spending 30 minutes per day :-(
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    First things first, you need to focus on getting the right traffic, customers who will significantly contribute to the growth of the business. You want the people who are most likely to become prospective leads and, ultimately, happy customers.
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    What type of business do you have that you need to generate leads for or more specifically, what type of leads?
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    you are already on facebook which is good and commenting is a good way to do it. Another suggestion you can do is, find these groups and places on facebook where your leads are and just send them a friend request.

    then they will also see your profile and your posts and will come to you, when you post interesting stuff and let people know within your posts that you have the solution they are searching for
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  • There are several ways to get inbound leads on social media:
    1. Pick the right platform
    2. Generate leads using twitter
    3. Generate leads using Facebook advertising or Instagram
    4. LinkedIn Groups
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    Joining FB groups will jump start your efforts. It will give you better results. It is easier to reach a wider audience and will help you generate plenty of leads.
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    You can start advertising on Facebook using lead ad type to generate leads. This is cheap & fast way to generate leads.

    Be aware this is not a simple task, you will need expert to do this.
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