Any way to track clicks on your links (from every mouse button)?

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So i have a business model where I basically have a few websites with high traffic and in those websites I place external links to my clients websites. My problem these last few years has been that I cannot give these clients a detailed report of how many times visitors have clicked on my sites a link to their sites.

This info doesnt show in analytics anymore, like it used to be, because my websites are in WP, and WP in these last versions has per default a no referrer attribute unless you open a link in the same window which creates all kinds of security problems.

So I've been trying to navigate around these limitations with the google tag manager, but the tag manager doesnt report the mouse clicks coming from the wheel button or middle button (the one you use to open links in new windows).

I'm willing to pay for this service as long as it works with every click a visitor makes, no matter with which mouse button, I need detailed reports of this, my whole business depends on this data.

thanks for any help
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