3D Speaking Animated Avatar Increases Conversions & Lowers Cost!

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3D Speaking Animated Avatars are not a new idea. They've been around for a while. There are many options available with varying features and price ranges.

Have you ever tried one?

I recently started testing a speaking avatar in one of my funnels.

I use this funnel mostly for solo ads. I've had good success and wasn't unsatisfied with the results I'd been getting. Then I decided to test an avatar and the boost was better than expected.

The funnel is a video squeeze page that leads to a video training page that encourages people to sign-up for a free trial membership. I know 40 - 50% of free trials upgrade to paid status so the more free trials I can get the more money I will make.

The funnel had been converting about 4% of subscribers to free trials at a cost of around $11 each.

When I added the avatar the conversion to free trials skyrocketed to over 10% and cost per trial went down to about $5 each.

The avatar explains a little about the training, some info. about me and what I will do for them and lists six reasons why they should take the free trial. It's super easy to set up and looks really cool.

If you are not using an avatar you might think about testing one. I'm sure glad I did.
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    Yes, this cool method will increase conversion.

    But there is another version of this method, it is also known for a long time, but for some reason no one uses it.

    Instead of a 3D character, a recording of a living person is shown, which explains the necessary information with a voice.

    Special software is used for this, but I don't remember what it is called.

    It looks awesome - be sure to try it!
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    Like every gimmick, it will work until it's so prevalent, it becomes passe. At that point, it's seen by all as a lame gimmick and actually hurts conversions.

    In other words, jump on things like this at the beginning but don't be surprised when they no longer work. Oh ... and definitely don't go on forums telling everybody else to do it!
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      It's right. But over the past 5 years I have not seen such a nin on one site, although the technology has been known for a long time.

      Maybe few people know about her, or she is not so effective.
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