Affiliate Networks Traffic Crashes

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This doesn't look good, we do live in interesting times! - Traffic Details from Alexa - Traffic Details from Alexa - Traffic Details from Alexa - Traffic Details from Alexa - Traffic Details from Alexa

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    Hi Derek,

    The CJ plunge coincides with them losing the ebay account to EPN, not sure about the others though.

    Roger Davis

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    That doesn't really matter, does it? The traffic to the sites doesn't
    mean that no one is buying.

    Like YouTube... the traffic is top-notch but is anyone really there
    to buy things?

    Clickbank, CJ, Paydotcom, etc are simply means of selling a product.
    Affiliates don't get people to these sites to sell but really, go to
    search engines and find people who are looking for the solutions and
    sell to them accordingly.
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    I would be very concerned about sites like shareasale that uses its domain as an affiliate link. Because all affiliate sales would have to go through their site and the level of traffic probably does correlate to the no. of sales.

    Whereas for networks like CJ, they do not use their own domain in their affiliate links and therefore you do not really know what is the real trend of affiliate traffic. In any case, Roger had made a very good explanation of the traffic drop at CJ.

    I am not sure about Clickbank and PayDotCom, but I thought that the hoplinks for Clickbank does go through the Clickbank domain.


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