How heavy should we rely on similarweb?

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I am a newbie in cpa marketing. I have some questions about similarweb. Many people use it to see what traffic source a website is having. If similarweb shows a website have 70% direct traffic and the remaining 30% are referral from cpa sites. What does it mean? Does it mean nobody finds the site via google or bing ads or social media?

Another question I have is, if similarweb shows a website only have, say, less than 2 - 3% traffic from social media. Does it still worthwhile to promote the offer on social media? I see that many people are taking about using Facebook ads to promote. But if similarweb shows that social media isn't a popular way to attract traffic for that website, will we still use social media?

I am very confused now with similarweb. What's the best way to use it? How much should I rely on its data in order to know which channels to focus on?

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    Similar Web has a Resources Library, Webinars, Knowledge Center and a Blog. You should start there.


    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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    There's more to making money online than Traffic.

    Traffic is a newbie focus.

    Getting the RIGHT people to you is far more important than getting a flood of mostly disinterested people.

    Similarweb can help you with ideas and maybe some places to advertise, but it is not a great idea to rely entirely on it for direction.

    My sites get hit up by traffic readers every day. I laugh. My traffic counts are far lower than those people are hoping to see...and yet I've made money for 9+ years online. How do I do it? By getting the RIGHT people in front of my content...not a bunch of "Why the heck am I even here"-ers.

    And I have those traffic scanners banned as fast as they sprout up. It's kind of an amusing game.

    Get your attention on finding a source of pre-qualified traffic, ie. people who already agree about, believe in, need what you offer, and getting them on over to you. Not just a bunch of people who have nothing in common except they like dumb jokes or something equally pointless and disconnected from whatever it is that you offer.

    You can make good money from a much smaller group of people than most marketers believe. It's the WHO, not the HOW MANY.
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      Thanks so much. Great insight.

      Think I got too hooked up to traffic. As I don't have too much budget, I don't want to waste my money and keep thinking about the BEST way to promote. As a result, I keep researching and researching. Didn't take many actions because of fear.
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    Listen. Just because the traffic volume is 2%-3% through Social Media it does not mean that it is better if you absolutely disregard Social Media as potential traffic source to your Offer.

    You can still test the potential Traffic volume and use Social media-Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedlin, Reddit-as Traffic source.

    BUT!!!! Do not rely on Social Media Traffic only!! Test other traffic sources as Bing, Yahoo, Media traffic etc. If You promote a CPA Offer and build a list around it than you can offer similar CPA Offers to your list later. And even if they came from SM still can be remunerative on the long run.
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    Relying entirely on anything can be really harmful. Also, the similarweb insights are only to gather a rough idea about the site.

    Since, you are in CPA the one thing you should focus on is getting your content infront of the right audience.

    You do not want a crowd to gather on your site that doesn't serve your purpose, what you need is actionable traffic, people with the intent of investing in what you are selling.

    The only thing you need to do is to target on the place where your audience is.
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    A friend of mine told me that he uses SimilarWeb and Ahrefs at the same time, just to double-check and compare, although I haven't decided which one I will use. I google some SimilarWeb alternatives, and this was the first page that popped up, hope it helps:
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    When I use SImilarWeb to check any of my sites, the traffic estimates are waaaaaay off. So take the information with a grain of salt.
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    The truth is that similar web if far from accurate, but could be helpful. What make even worse is that similar web and alexa seem to be contradictory. I think you should compare and do your own analysis. Some times you just need a limp of faith.
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    I feel a Similar web has some good stats compared to other traffic estimators.

    And its stats regarding the traffic source are almost compared to Alexa and others!

    Tamil arasan - Thanks you.

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    My issue with similarweb is that most of its recommendations, at least for niches I cover, are OFF. Not partly off. Not somewhat off. Just OFF.

    You're better off doing Google searches using the process I described at
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    Similar Web has a Resources Library, Webinars, Knowledge Center and a Blog. You should start there.
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