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I ran a simple survey on Facebook and it went viral organically and locally in 24 hours, how do I use surveys to make money? There was an obvious demand for the topic the surveyed centered around..

In ran 2 ads on Facebook initially, but they only got 40 click total, the viral sharing from local people is where it resulted in over 5000 full survey submissions, inn 24 hours.
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    Are you following up with those who take your surveys?

    After they fill out the survey, you could easily redirect them to a page that says something like this:

    "Thanks so much for taking our survey! We'll email you shortly with the results. But first, we invite you to snag this 100% free XYZ that lets you ABC!"

    On that page near the text (or something similar) you can sport a strong call to action promoting a CPA offer, an affiliate offer, one of your offers, or any offer that you wish.

    Then, automate some fantastic email followups sharing valuable tips, insights, data, and don't forget some CTA juice.

    Email # 1 - "You Won't Believe The Survey Results!"
    Email # 2 - "What We Learned From Surveying XYZ Subscribers About ABC"
    Email # 3 - Etc...
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      Building the emails around the results of said survey is a great idea. But I'm still wondering what the product would be and what value it could provide...
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        That's what I am confused on and I also don't want to piss them off, in 2 days I got over 3000 subscribers from the survey, and over 6000 survey submissions.
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      What Sarevok says is spot on. Use the survey to collect email addresses thus creating an email list. All focus should be on using surveys to make money...therefore either create surveys that create a desire for a solution, and then provide that solution....or take your surveys and figure out what the best product to go along with the survey is and market that and similar products to your list (created by gathering the emails to send the survey results).
      As a last resort (lesser option than above) you could have the survey on a landing page and sell ads on that page for similar products to the survey.
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      Thanks, i get so overwhelmed though, I should have set this up, I already know the system I just keep getting sidetracked by other distractions like my job and other daily things. If I can eliminate distractions then I can fully complete the email capture and sales process as you described.

      This was a survey where I sensed a demand and deployed the google survey on Facebook, and the demand was very real. In a way, I think a google survey form can be used like a quiz-lander sales page...Facebook had no problem with it, as the link I used was directly to the Google Docs / Survey form and not a real domain/website...

      However, that said, Google did NOT like me using a Google Site as a landing page and actually suspended one of my accounts for directing traffic to a bare simple Google Site landing splash page. This wasn't a survey, though..FYI.
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    You have to use a platform that enables you to put ads

    ORIGINAL CONTENT: Only $0.005 USD per word
    Quality Bulk Content for Articles / Blogs / Websites
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    What Sarevok says is absolutely right. You should follow up on your surveys.
    Try to interact as much as possible with your prospects and you could also solve thier problems by devising a product.
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