A side hustle with FB video

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Ok, so this is the basis of a method I first taught in 2015 and still works today.

Just be warned that it's a bit grey hat!

Back in 2015, I used this to build fan pages in many niches for both me and clients.

Here are the condensed steps:

1. Set up a basic fan page in any niche (sports, animals, hobbies work best).

2. Go to Youtube and using the filters (view count), find and download a short video.

Ideal video: 25 secs -1 minute, no branding, older, home-made, preferably funny,
or shocking..etc.

The quality is not important.

Here's the exact video I used years ago:

That video worked as it was older, had a view count already so had proven to have gone semi-viral, didn't have branding...

3. Upload to FB page with simple description such as:

Watch this video and tell us if you think he meant it. (credit to YT channel name)

4. Run a FB video views ad. Here the targeting is key.

For golf, we did not target Tiger Woods etc as he's too famous. We went after less well-known people, brands..etc that only real golf fans would like.

5. At that time we had a $10 per day budget and ran for a just over a week.

6. Set up your audiences in the ads manager to record people who watched 50% or more.
Back in the day, this was done automatically.

7. Then, run another ad to those who watched 50% or more.

For that as, we did affiliate offers via a bridge page, T-shirts, mugs etc.

We did this in multiple niches such as:

Parenting, triathlon, scuba diving etc.


This still works even if the set up has changed a little from back then.

You can still get cheap views and build decent sized audiences.

Page likes are a side effect

Some people who used it back then still run their pages and have likes in the hundreds of thousands and make commissions all the time from them.

A little side hustle for some.

PS....Anyone who thinks fan pages are dead is 'dead wrong'. There are tons of folk running them successfully and get great reach. You just need to be consistent and in the right niche.
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    Brilliant Adam, thanks for sharing!

    I'm off to give this whack & DO IT

    Looking forward to sharing my results

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    Thanks Adam. And James I will wait for your results. Thanks
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    Could this be done in Instagram as well?
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    Thank you ! You have enlightened me with something I have observed on Facebook for some time with this method. I'll try it for sure .
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    Thanks Adam!! I actually always wondered whether Facebook fanpages was dying or not...
    Definitely worth giving it a try
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    This is an engineers idea!. I always believe that anything that excites and makes people happy could be the best bet for marketers. It draws attention and will make the audience respond appropriately.
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    This is sweet, I've got a niche in mind I reckon is really untapped with this type of strategy, will report results back in a couple weeks!

    I do some SEO and all that stuff & I go for the Adelaide Crows. Fellow supporters hit me up, or anyone interested in SEO.

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  • Any updates from anyone who tried this? It sounds interesting!
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