JV Giveaway Could Be Illegal - Do You Promote?

by lookielookies 3 replies
These last couple of days, a discussion is going on whether the Ultimate Giveaway and the Juggernaut Giveaway are run with a legal license or not.

The giveaway manager is said to be using an alias to hide his (pseudo)identity, known for previous hacking attempts. The giveaway manager himself states this is definitely not true.

I've posted the message that was broadcasted on my blog. You can read it - and some comments - here: New JV Giveaways.

Personally, I try to stay objective. As long as it isn't 100% sure this guy is a scammer, I feel I should give him the benefit of the doubt: I promote the giveaway like I usually do, but I encourage people to read the blog post before they sign up, and decide for themselves whether to join or not.

I'm really curious to know how others deal with this situation, and what the impact of this accusation is, especially since the accuser is more known than the accused.

So, let me know how you handle this: do you promote the event or not and what are your reasons for your decision?

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    For me, if there is any controversy or negativity at all, I don't promote it,

    My reputation is more important than making a few bucks.
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    Why get involved with this? Do you really think the software publisher is making up the allegation?
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      The person in question has stolen 3 scripts that we know of, Giveaway Manager, Simple Member Pro, and Ultimate Giveaway. Brad is very carefull not to make any statements unless he can back it up. If Brad says his software was stolen you can bank on it.. he has code built into his script that tracks valid users.

      Other than that.. if there is even a small chance that the guy could be running illegal software I wouldn't go anywhere near it. My reputation is too important to take chances on others in these types of situations.

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        Stay away, someone like that maybe running a giveaway just to harvest everyone's login ID so he could hack into your accounts elsewhere in case you're someone using same login for everything else.
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