Which Push Traffic Source You are Using for your Business ? and which is best working for you ?

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Let me which you are using for your business?
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    The big red flag for such traffic providers is AUTHENTICATION

    How do you know you're getting real traffic (real flesh and blood human beings) instead of a bot network?

    Push traffic is espeically vulnerable to IP spoofing

    Beware of any company that won't submit to a traffic audit or offer a "1 fake all fake" guarantee (ie., if you can prove SOME of their traffic is fake, you get ALL your money back)

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    PropellerAds is one of the best traffic source for push traffic. You can check them out their traffic do convert. Personally I have used it for affiliate marketing and eCommerce and they both work.
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  • It depends on the nature of your business as that will determine the mode of traffic generator.

    Free Traffic for me includes Facebook Group via Fan Page
    Paid Traffic for me includes Bing Ads and Solo Ads
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    Free Traffic Quora, Yahoo Answers, Social Media (Facebook groups, pages)

    Paid Traffic Facebook advertising, Adsense
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    I get good results from the big three which are Google Ads, Facebook, Microsoft Ads, and a few other platforms I have found to be effective.
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    I have use many ad network for monetize my website. Since from 2 years I used propeller ads. Propeller ads is best for any kind of website. Propeller ads provide best ad format. Which is conversion rate high. That's why I have used propeller ads.
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    I am using Propellerads for my business with great results. will recommend this platform to everyone wanting to monetize their blogs.
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  • Free traffic sources for me are among these:
    Search engine traffic to blog posts/website
    Website has email signup form to newsletter
    Website links to Facebook group many places
    Newsletter sends traffic to website and Facebook group
    Facebook group: some posts link back to website
    Some referrals from forum posts

    Paid traffic: Facebook ads.
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    nothing can beat cold email, cost me like nothing and give me the work i need selling b2b marketing services
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      cold email? what is that? can you please explain little bit more?

      How do you generate social traffic? using paid ads or free social traffic?

      Does it work for CPA? I want to promote CPA offer using propeller ads, and which niche best covert with propeller ads? health, MMO, or others?

      I want to use MMO offer and Health offer, which traffic will be best for me?

      Does it work for CPA Marketing? if work, which niches best convert, MMO, Health, or others?

      what purpose do you use propellerads? does it work good for CPA offers?

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    Propellerads is working great for me. I'm getting good conversion rates.
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