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Hi Warriors!

I wanted to share another writer’s tip if you’re an EzineArticles.com author. Another Warrior contacted me via PM to ask how you could achieve this tip EZA sent them:

“The first 2-3 keywords in the 'Title' of the article should be your highly targeted keywords, as the search engines lean heavily on this factor.”

So the person wanted to know how you do this if you're used to writing articles like “How to…” or “10 Steps to…” – because then THOSE are the first words of your title. Personally, I don’t believe it has to be done this way, but let’s say you’re a stickler for EZA tips – then this might help:

The person gave me the example of arthritis relief with your keyword phrases being: arthritis remedies or arthritis pain relief.

Here was my reply:

“There’s a way to do it – just use a dash or a colon!

Arthritis Remedies – The 10 Best Pain Relief Tips
Arthritis Pain Relief: What Works and What Doesn’t
Arthritis Pain – Great Tips to Help You Get Relief!

This is very common in magazines – it’s standard! Type arthritis pain relief into Google and what’s #1 in the search engine? It says:

Arthritis Joint Pain- Causes – Symptoms – Diagnosis - Treatment

Go to the #3 entry and it says:

Arthritis Pain Relief: Creams and Gels for Aching Joints

The last one on the page says:

Arthritis Pain Relief - Arthritis Treatment & Arthritis Medication”

So that’s how to do it if you’re insistent that your keyword or phrase comes first in your title and yet you still want to employ those consumer-driven titles like “how to, 10 best, etc.”

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