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I'm have about 50 domain names in my real estate niche. I want to make a lead gen network and sell the leads.

Im in the process of researching lean gen software to sell etc and it will take time to build out.

But for now, i need to get a network up running asap so i can build links and history etc.

The network will have about 3 main big sites and then about 5-10 medium sites and then see what cream rises to the top from the other domain names.

What is the best way to get this built asap? hosting wise? i am assuming ill use wordpress for the sites. Should i use MU? or individual installs? etc

This won't be a PBN and while there will be keyword overlap, the sites will cater to their respective keywords.

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    Just use clickfunnels build a landing page for real estate professionals giving them some sort of value and start promoting it. Honestly I dont think a lead network would sell those domains. Your best bet is to just go to networking event and join facebook groups and just start making real estate friends.
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    Third-party generated real estate leads can be a legal minefield, so you may find that real estate agents won't touch unproven sources with a ten-foot pole.

    For example, the leads must be scrubbed against do-not-call lists or the buyer may face severe penalties. Consumers who register to use the websites must give their explicit consent to receive communications from agents.

    In addition, you are competing against well-entrenched heavy weights such as Market Leader, Zillow, Trulia and the dozens of others like them. Keep in mind realtors also exchange leads among themselves.

    But good luck with that.
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    I would only sell leads that were call verified. This mean they optin, and call you because your have an add on the thank you page. You verify with them they want to be contacted... Agent are will to pay top dollar

    Learn how to start your own Solo Ad Business without an autoresponder or build a list. It's Fast Fun and Profitable.

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  • Wordpress is ok for your project. you can use email marketing with sales funnel for lead generation.
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