Are paid Subscribers really worthy?

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I have seen many sites that are offering paid subscribers for social media sites. Have you ever tried their services? Are they really worthy for your business?
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    Originally Posted by Mensa77 View Post

    I have seen many sites that are offering paid subscribers for social media sites. Have you ever tried their services? Are they really worthy for your business?
    Do you mean like Youtube subscribers? If so, most of them are fake bots. I wouldn't recommend.
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    I don't And would not recommend to anyone!!
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    Bad idea to pay for subscribers.

    There ARE ways to invest in growing a group, such as using paid ads effectively to promote the group, and this can get great returns on investment but only if done really well.

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    Simple answer dont do it... Spend time to grow and audience and you will reap the benefits. If you are going in with numbers in mind then you wont make it in the first place, get that out of your head.

    Because in all reality it isnt about the size its about the quality. If you are in it for money you could have 10,000 loyal subscribers and you will make more money than if you had 1m that barely watched your content.

    Even brands nowadays dont look at numbers they look at your audience based on the number that engage with you. Paid subscribers wont bring you engagement or views.
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    Not a good idea. A good way to look at it is, think about the brands that mean something to you. How did they become meaningful to you?

    Many of them pay to advertise and usually provide something of value before you even purchase something from them.

    I like the Morgan and Morgan commercials because they actually educate you in some of their commercials about legal issues without you paying anything.

    They obviously pay for the commercials but they cause an impact on their listeners. Some of their listeners found out that they can file a lawsuit regarding something that happened to them, just by listening to their commercial.

    In return, some of these listeners who have many different options, will choose Morgan and Morgan because of the valuable information that was provided to them.
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    depend of you campaign needs, when u see benefits for your campaign, the it would be good to make payment for subscription
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    You can try PPC or traffic from influencers like instagram or youtube

    Be careful with the rest. Even solo ads now can not be safe
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    It depends.

    In some cases it does make a difference because some people check the numbers first and then decide to subscribe given these numbers. But that's part of the story.

    Would these people interact with your content to justify the high subscriber rate?

    Nope. They never will.

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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    Only in volume and only IF you know what you are doing. Bulk emailers like myself use my case all data. We spend most our time filtering scrubbing and maintaining the viability of our SMTP servers. Its a real challenge.

    Other than that most are not a good idea

    Good luck

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    I have done it a few times with success, but I am still doing tests, I think that if you really dedicate yourself and do a good tracking it is quite profitable
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    I don't think so, when I tried I realized that later the subscribers were decreasing and they were also from countries like Russia, etc.
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    Paid subscribers doesn't add any value, they are just fake bot
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    You can promote your social media with paid ads, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You don't need to buy subscribers because they are not targeted. Having thousands of subscribers that are not interested in your business is a fail. They will never convert and may start to unsubscribe once they realise what they subscribed to. Even worse are the fake bot subscribers.
    Just do a targeted paid promotion.
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    Not a good idea buddy. Only because these folks subscribe not to follow you and not to buy your stuff and/or hire you, but to get paid. Once they get the money, they could care less about you. Money drives them. Not a genuine interest in what you do.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    It is a trend. No one should cheat you that you can earn genuine subscribers . The first 100 subscribers must be paid for. it is not right but it is what everyone is doing. We cant avoid it.
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    I wouldn't pay for subscribers, unless it's in the form of lead generation advertising and they opting in to my webform. Other than that you're better off investing in PPC, display advertising, and doing free marketing. Save your money and don't waste it on "guaranteed" subscribers. Makes no sense.

    Why would they give you guaranteed subscribers instead of using them themselves? How are you monetizing the social media subscribers you currently have?
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    If you want to spend, do it through legitimate advertising services (Google Ads, FB ads, Instagram, etc). Most other forms of paid subscribers will only hurt you in the long-run.

    For example, if a client wants to pay you to promote his business after seeing the number of followers, he will soon realize your followers are not genuine (due to the gross lack of engagement and results).

    This not only hurts your reputation, but the industry as a whole.
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    I wouldn't recommend them. In most cases you'll get a couple thousand followers and then when you throw an update up you'll get almost zero traction on it, so then people can see that something is amiss. Though in saying that, in my band days I remember a friends band who bought something like 10,000followers for myspace and then exploded, showing that social proof was what made the difference for them, but now I think people are smarter and can read into things a lot better, hence the 1000 subs and no comments or likes. Does that look legit to you?
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    I think they are worth trying. what is important is to determine where most of the subscribers come from and what you vend. If you are right, you will get a few leads.
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    Paid subscribers can be worthy to show your new visitors on the channel. It depends on which type of channel you've. But try to get genuine subscriber on the channel through YouTube SEO of every video and promote it on social media by joining different groups related to your business. That will definitely give you genuine subscribers.
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    It sounds and is morally wrong. But if that is what you need top break even why not? the end justifies the mean.
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