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If you have a YouTube channel, then this might be of interest
to get more email leads...

First, knowing the 3 main types of keywords is beneficial.

In short, we have:

+ Informational (eg how to)

+ Comparison (product A vs product B)


Buyer (product name review)

For me at least, buyer KW videos get the least views but the most


Informational KW get me the most views and leads, which, longer term,
lead to more sales.

And an easy way to do this is to make a lead magnet
directly related to the KW.

To simplify, a person searches for:

'How to bake a chocolate cake'

You show how in the video.

Then, your lead magnet is simply the recipe
that can be downloaded and printed off.

1. Identify an informational KW
2. Create a lead magnet
3. Create a simple opt-in and thank you page
4. Shoot and upload the video
5. Deliver the lead magnet in email 1
6. After 2-3-4 etc emails, move to a general list.

For each new video simply clone the opt-in and
thank you page and craft a new lead magnet and
new list.

A bit of work but the lead magnet is directly related
to what the viewer is looking for.

Of course, there's a bit more to it in how to deliver your
Call To Action and the scripting but in essence this works
each time.

Ideas for lead magnets:

1. A cheat sheet
2. A one page download
3. A video
4. A tool/software
5. A PDF
6. Access to a group/community
7. A training series
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    Those are excellent ideas for lead magnets Adam. I experienced great success using a training series and a community as lead magnets. Also the more I provide quality such as content filled pdf's, videos, the more I sell.

    Trying to sell without giving something of value doesn't convert well. Thanks for those tips
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    Quite a detailed explanation on how you can leverage YouTube video . I love the lead magnet ideas hope I will get time to try them out.
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