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Facebook Ads Manager says that based on my input: Potential Reach: 230,000,000 people...Estimated Daily Results Based on 7-day click and 1-day view conversion window...Reach 174 - 503

My question is, are these 174-503 new users every day or different users daily? I know I can limit the Ad to show each user once daily...but wanted to know if the next day, if it will send to a new batch of 174-503 users.
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    There is not a new batch of 174-503 users to show it to, unless a whole lot of new people suddenly fit those demographics, so it will be the same people in the rotation.
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      Thanks Dave.
      Ok, I am doing an Ad to get as many people to click on it --> Hopefully click on external link to purchase a software product.
      So then my option is to target a new audience daily perhaps.
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    Personally, I have found Facebook's estimates to be a long way wide of the mark.
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    I recommend just to ignore the potential reach and results. This is just an estimate and 9 times out of 10 is not accurate at all.
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