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Hello guys, first time posting here and probably something a little obvious - sorry about it, it's just driving me really crazy.
So, the company I work for has been doing ads on both Facebook and Instagram through Facebook Ads Manager. However, I've been noticing that the reach for ads that we run on Instagram only has been included as my Facebook Page's reach when I go to Facebook Insights.

One quick example: on a certain day last month, my team ran an Ad on Instagram only which had 53k users reached.
On that very week, we did not have any other activity, organic or paid, in any of the platforms. And when I went to Facebook Insights, I can see that my Facebook Reach on the same day was something extremely close to the number of users reached on Instagram.
I have the feeling that the reach for our Instagram Ads are being counted as Facebook Page Reach.
Does anyone know what can possibly be going on?

Thank you!
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    If your instagram account login by facebook (or link with facebook), you can see report of both at Facebook Insights!
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      Hmm, I see.
      So if my Instagram account is linked/logged in synced with my Facebook account, does that mean that my Facebook Insights will always show me the reach for both Facebook AND Instagram activity?
      If that's true, is there anyway I can get to know and analyse the reach (organic + paid) that my Facebook Page had and, in a separated field, analyse the reach (organic + paid) that my Instagram page had?
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    Thats because you are most likely using your Facebook page to run ads on instagram. There are two things with instagram ads. Either you can create a business instagram and run ads on separate pages or you can use your Facebook page to run ads on instagram. Basically meaning when someone clicks your profile on instagram through the ad it will just take them to your Facebook page.

    Now either way keep in mind Facebook owns instagram so any ad data you collect will all be merged together in one place. You can manually go into your pixel and see what came from instagram and what came from facebook.
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