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I heard somewhere that the fact of downloading a landing page can present numerous risks.

I dont know which kind of risks a downloaded landing page may contian? malicious code? steal your traffic somehow?

Can someone clairify this for me?
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    It's not about downloading a landing page. It's about where you download it from. This applies to anything that you go out and search for and download. It's always good to find several reviews from different sources regarding the credibility of what you are downloading to minimize the risk.
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    I don't believe that, you get this threat when you download from malicious and untrusted or insecured sites
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    Landing pages can turn into the likes of the Corona.

    Scan it with an AV and make sure the source code is visible.

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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    Hey back guys,
    I asked a friend on another forum and here's his reply for your informations:
    "Well, it is usually a js script to take your traffic %, means every 3rd click will end up watching some pop-up ad for example.
    they often encode js script and you must decode it 1st to get rid of the code part that steals your traffic only, or if you delete the entire file, main website function will stop working.

    When file is encoded you won't see nothing that looks like a code but a bunch of numbers that means nothing to you. You can decode it by using google and seek for decoding services online.

    When all your website files looks normal, use this: and seek for these commands, for example:

    Most used java script redirect is window.location so you can open all your files and type: alt+f (to open search bar) enter window only and you will find if there is any window command, and then analyze it's meaning using google and soon you will know what is it about.
    You will also have various scripts for tracking and things like that, you should remove em, and they always have at least a line of code in index.html file."
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