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I have been running an ad with Google ads, using dynamic ads with search only to my ecommere site.
I'm getting 11% conversion which I know is good, I'm spending £15 per day and getting cpc of 36p.
My question is what do I do next to drive more sales? Do I put more money into the ad? Will that drive more clicks as I am currently hitting top of the searches in my catagory.
Do I setup a retargetting campaign? Do I use Facebook ads?? Just kind of lost with it, I want to drive more sales and I will happily spend more money but I'm worried it won't make a difference as I'm currently getting decent traffic and Im hitting top of the searches already and adding more money won't really do anything more than what I'm currently getting
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    Set up a retargeting campaign for the CONVERSION PAGE of your site

    This is crucial. A lot of people do ad retargeting but they DUMP the traffic to their homepage... Talk about a WASTE!

    If you're going to retarget, hit those who came CLOSEST to converting. They are the HOTTEST leads.

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      Do what write away suggested and go for other sources of buyers. If likely buyers are on Facebook, buy ads on Facebook. If they read particular blogs or magazines, advertise to them there.
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    Originally Posted by Phil Hennessy View Post

    I have been running an ad with Google ads, using dynamic ads with search only to my ecommere site.
    I'm getting 11% conversion which I know is good, I'm spending £15 per day and getting cpc of 36p.
    An AD.... I have a campaign on Facebook right now for a client that is 60 different ads in total - ALL selling the exact same thing - THAT is scale.

    On Google.. you should be spending £5 - £10 per ad across 5 - 20 - 40 different target variants THAT is scale.

    You need MULTIPLE ads that are producing the same results.

    Or you can run the same ad ( not suggested BTW ) across multiple platforms. 8 Platforms - 8X the results no?
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    One strategy is to use ads to promote either your mailing-list (where you will tell them about special offers, new products etc.) or to interesting content they will want to read, instead of directly to something to buy.

    One FB ads expert found that using this strategy cost less than half the cost per sale, compared to directly advertising products.

    Another strategy which some people are making big money with, is to put some initial ad-spend into growing a "Tribe" of people who really need what you are offering . . . when the tribe has grown enough, it will continue to grow for free. Since the tribe members know you, like you and trust you, selling to them is much easier than to "cold traffic" and the tribe will continue to grow without any more investment, and only an hour or two of your time per day.

    I hope that helps.


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    11% conversion rate is ridiculously high. I don't know how many sales make up that 11% conversion rate but most big brands making millions only have like 3-4% conversion rate. Which is considered very high.

    As far as scaling this is a broad question as there are many things. The main thing you should do is just duplicate the adsets with highest sales and roas (if over 5 sales on the adset) and then raise the budget by $5. Or if you are already profitable you could duplicate 5 top performers into a $200-$300 a day CBO and let it run.

    The last way to scale is of course look alike audiences and re targeting.
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