Identifying your content marketing's sweet spot

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Identifying your content marketing's sweet spot

Content marketing is a complicated trick. You can't just come up with some blog or some TIkTok video, and call it "content". You have to find what ticks, and what doesn't.

Now, a report found that there's a significant disconnect between what consumers want to see from brands, and what these brands actually post. This is a problem because it highlights that marketers often don't listen to what customers actually want.

Some insights.

Know what your audience is interested in.

Marketers have access to a social media page's analytics tools, which then shows data from audience likes and website visitors, and then showing marketers a summary of what their audience is interested in. Social listening is one way to get to know the audience, researching customer talking points, and what makes them tick.

Know what journalists are writing about

Regularly subscribing to email newsletters gives marketers more information to see what kinds of articles are most popular depending on topic data. Content writers can look at what's trending, while following relevant Twitter accounts can show the latest buzz written by notable bloggers and writers.

Know what's relevant to business

Of course, content managers have to write business-relevant stuff, making sure that every content they put in is connected to the business. Every idea should at least roughly talk about the core business.
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    I think a piece of content that is not produced as per the targeted market's interest or related to the business' relevant trends will miss the opportunity of generating business 100/100 times.
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      Agree... research is very important.
      Just posting a lot of articles on your blog won't help as much without research.
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    The secret sauce is engagement with your audience. In my not so humble opinion, there is no such thing as a "sweet spot". You are either on target or missed it.

    You have to stand out from all the noise and distractions that your prospects are being bombarded with. Content marketing needs to be done consistently and on a massive scale.

    For example, almost none of my articles, social media posts, or videos have anything to do directly with my products or business.

    The intent is to get attention, establish rapport, and provide demonstrable expertise. Every communication point does include a call to action, which is how I track if the message hits the target.

    I like to keep it simple, and don't care about analytics or what's trending. Engagement is what matters. People are either attracted to my style and persona or they're not.
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    Also, you need to get what is trending in terms of keywords and topics then align your content accordingly.
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