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I was reading articles about integrated marketing communications, and came across the PLUS principle, or...

Messages that are connected and carry a resolute theme.

Information via all related mediums

Support and reinforce the ongoing idea

That which contributes to the bigger picture

So basically, the PLUS principle defines every integrated marketing campaign, giving meaning and purporse to provide a single focal message, easily understood across different communication points, and the message is directly and indirectly delivered to an audience.
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    This is not a new concept, as has been used by brand managers and PR departments for decades in "old media" channels such as radio, TV, print, direct marketing, affinity, etc.

    Under the umbrella of "branding", this old school principle has traditionally been termed "strategic communication", "public relations", "organizational communications", "digital communications", "publicity", "media relations", "corporate communication", "public affairs", "investor relations", etc.

    But somehow this powerful strategy has been lost by many online marketers as shown by more focus on short-term immediate sales through slamming audiences with random irrelevance.

    Coordinating messages across online and offline channels results in increasing brand awareness, familiarity, favorability and purchase intent are far higher than when taking a less integrated approach.
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    anyways here we can see a lot pluses and also is another way of marketing ..
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    Where can I find out more about this subject?
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      Originally Posted by Anthony William View Post

      Where can I find out more about this subject?
      The market is flooded with books on this subject, but I have found that "Strategic Integrated Marketing Communications" by Larry Percy perhaps has the best handle on this with real practical applications over most of the available communication channels..

      He provides a disciplined, systematic look at what is necessary to planning and implementing this very powerful branding model. Although academic and emphasizing theory (including the whys), this book does give sound practical solutions.
      Use Content Marketing to Build a 7-figure Business With Zero Advertising (book)
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    To sustain your customers , you need to Provide updated and new creative ideas or information to them . That is real value . Your value is not a copy from other marketers . It should be unique and will able to build curiosity for your next upcoming contents
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    The PLUS principle makes marketing across different platforms consistent, and helps the marketer to keep a single organized focus when marketing across the internet.

    So no matter where the marketer advertises, if they keep the same persistent message, people from each platform will land on their site and the site's message will be congruent to the marketing ad that led the person there in the first place.
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  • A remodeled version of what someone else has to say is a deal-breaker. People have read and are already aware. There is a pressing need for real content. It cannot be spun...period. Contents must be informative, unique and captivating.
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