Why are my Facebook Ads Retargeting ads Active/Approved but not displaying/spending?

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I have multiple facebook campaigns running for a Shopify store selling clothing products in Utah, and then for a few clients as well. I've been having issues actually having FB display the ads to the site visitors who didn't make a purchase. The pixel is properly installed, there are hundreds and on some, thousands of events firing each day but yet, the ads won't display.

The two ad accounts I'm struggling with both have about 4K of spend on them so far. So they're seasoned accounts.. I'm just confused why they're not spending if the campaign, adset, and ad are all active with a $7.50 daily budget.

Any advice of what to do or look at would be awesome!

Thanks Guys, I look forward to how I can assist you in the future

Make it an awesome day!

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    Hey Mathew!

    That's rather strange. Here are a couple of questions that may lead to the cause of the issue:

    1) Have you really double checked your Facebook pixel? And does the audience you are targeting have a reasonable amount of different potential customers? A list that's too small might cause your ads not to show.

    2) Are your ads getting impressions?

    3) Have you tried contacting Facebook and their support team?

    If in the case you've set up your ads correctly (which I assume you did), I can only assume that your list of people that you are trying to advertise to is simply too small - there are no chances for Facebook to show ads to them.

    Hopefully this helps.
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    I've seen this before in my Google Ads account. Is your site compliant to Facebook's advertising guidelines? You may have to contact them directly and ask them what's going on. They may have reviewed your landing and decided that it doesn't meet their standards. Usually they would give you a notification of this, but sometimes they don't. Contact them first - especially if you have nothing to hide.

    How long have your ad accounts been in this state of non-activity?
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    what did facebook say when you asked them


    "If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time" ~Steve Jobs~

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    Google Ads are far more productive than Facebook ads.
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