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Have never run into before. Maybe someone has some thoughts.

Have a great client with phenomenal reviews Google My Business, BBB, Consumer Affairs, Glass Door, Facebook, Trust Pilot, and more.

There is one site to remain nameless that had a dozen legit reviews going all the way back a couple of years that were all 4 or 5 stars and 1 one star. Just recently they made them all 1 star and marked as fake. We reached out to them a few times to understand what happened and were ultimately told "Its our website we can do what we want."

The site in question is fairly old and poorly maintained and the copyright is even a few years old. Typically they wouldn't be too concerned because for the past 15 years they have built a great reputation and have tons of good reviews on the big platforms.

Here is the issue. For some reason though Google is showing them in their Google My Business card in the search results.

Any ideas or thoughts on how to get out of their or handle in other ways?

Reached out to Google My Business directly and offered documentation that these were in fact happy clients that they could talk to but Google's response was ultimately you have to deal with the website.

Completely open to any ideas.
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