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Hi Everyone!

I have a client I want to do a promotion for where we offer a $10 off credit for 1st buyers. However, I'm having a hard time finding a software that can do this. We need to be diligent and careful with how we set this up because we don't want to have people who take advantage of the system by creating fake accounts to take advantage of the promotion.

I was looking for any of you to recommend me a software or tool that can do this for us?

Thank you!
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  • Chat with GrowSurf to see if they can solve this use case. I saw this tool being used on another site, where you would get a credit for referrals. They list on their site that they have "blacklisting/whitelisting", so presumably you could import existing customers and block them from participating. Not sure if this will work for your use case, but it is worth a check :-)
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