Affiliate ads on FB, Twitter and google

by ArielT
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Hi, I'm starting with clickbank and I would like to know if facebook, twitter and google allow affiliate ads

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    why are you asking us? check with them, they will give you the correct answer and not the guess that most will give you here


    "If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time" ~Steve Jobs~

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    To earn at clickbank want to run ads on facebook, twitter, google? Is it beneficial for you? For paid advertisement you can use any types of URL according to me because many times we use ?UTM or any other variable to track visitors so affiliate URL is not more different. But its a bit doubtful for benefits because you will earn from one side and spend other side (May be you will spend more and earn less).
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    Of course they will allow you to do so as long as you pay. The trouble is that it may not make business sense to pick money from one point and transfer it to another point-almost immediately
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    yes but facebook you must put your website link in it.
    i think pinterest its the right place to do like this business..
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    What do you mean by "affiliate ads"? Do you mean direct promotion via your affiliate link, or if you drove traffic to an independent website (your's), and had content that was relevant to an affiliate product that you want to promote on that page?
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    You cant direct link to affiliate URLs on any of those sites, You must create your own landing pages on your own website to use those platforms.
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    Hey arielT,

    to be honest it sounds like what you are trying to do here is preparing you to fail , to lose money and to get frustrated.

    I'm saying this because most people start this whole journey by just using an affiliate link from clickbank and think wooohooo now let's spread this link and make money.

    I can tell you that it's not gonna work this way.

    So please first learn the foundations of marketing, of setting up a landing page, an email follow-up sequence, think closely about what products you want and can offer in future and don't forget to market yourself to gain trust and like in this industry. Otherwise it will be hard to find enough people to buy from you.

    Hope this helped a bit.
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    I agree with the previous post . . . there are a LOT of things to learn if you want to make affiliate commissions from paid ads.

    Yes, it is certainly possible, but the majority of people trying to do such things lose money and quit, because they don't know enough.

    One of the biggest mistakes in affiliate marketing is to assume that the biggest payout is "best". A good "rule of thumb" for paid traffic, is that you need to spend 3 times as much on ads, as the payout, for EACH test (because random events are much more clustered than people imagine). Change one word or one setting, and that's a new test.

    I see newbies getting excited that they've found this "amazing" affiliate program which pays $10k commission. Even the experts often need many tests before finding a profitable funnel, and, for that payout, EACH test costs $30k before you know if you're profitable or not.

    Another tip . . . EPC matters MUCH more than payout. Think about it !!!

    I hope this helps, and I hope you do enough learning to succeed with affiliate marketing.

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    Yes, I was refering to direct linking

    Thanks for the replies
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    I would like to suggest is to create your own landing page for the affiliate products you are promoting because many social media do not like to have affiliate links posted.
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    The reason many fail with affiliate marketing is because anybody can become an affiliate and theoretically just post the link around and hope somebody will visit and make a purchase. Treat it like your own business and you will increase your chances of success. Providing value first is the key which will then build trust. Look for ways to differentiate yourself from the thousands of affiliates promoting the same product.
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    1. Some affiliate programs have been long banned on social media sites. 2. Some links won't convert if you post them directly on social media sites.

    Create a website (webpage) and drive traffic from social media to that website, rather than posting your affiliate links directly on social media sites.
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  • Hi,

    Before you start spending ad money have you figured out your ROI?

    Would recommend to first set up a blog or website around the topic or vertical and then drive traffic from social media.

    Go for affiliate programs that pay high and recurrent commissions for the lifetime of the customer.

    Good luck!
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