Blogger Platform worthy or Not?

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HI Friends,

To avoid expenses I decided to start blogger blog and buy domain at blogger. Using blogger platform I want to avoids hosting expenses. Is it worthy. Please guide me.

- Pradeep
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    If you use Blogger, I would suggest at least purchasing your own domain name.

    (Settings - Basic - Set up a third-party URL for your blog - Point your own registered URL to your blog.)

    If you then later choose to host your blog elsewhere, it is possible, probably through some longwinded process, to export your blog from Blogger, and import to a self hosted Wordpress blog.
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    Yes, as someone else said, you can start with Blogger.

    Ideally have your own domain, and later migrate to your own hosted site.

    But be aware that you will get much better results from the same content if you start with your own independently hosted domain.

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    In my opinion doesnt worth it as firstly its look poor and dont give trust amoung people .People trust more websites made with wordpress that blogger .Also this its not your site and google may take it down at anytime ,i've had in the past a blogger blog who was making me 10$ per day and in one day google delete that blog it was like a hummer in my head and not last you miss wonderful things that you can make with a wordpress site plugins etc . a domain its 10$ per year and the host its like 3$ per month .So you stop dring a cofee from starbucks and you pay your host ,simple as that .At least try to take a domain if you still want to continue with blogger

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    Honestly the expense for your own domain, hosting, and blog isn't that expensive. $20-$30 tops??

    I think Wordpress is a better choice than Blogger. I know Blogger is easy for the novice, but for the long term Wordpress would be better to have.
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    The problem with BLOGGER (aka BLOGSPOT) is that its NEGATIVES outweigh its positives

    If you want social media traffic, a lot of people are wary of blogspot based sites cuz of their long association with crappy low quality content or outright SPAM

    If you want to reach out to established blogs for traffic / cross promo - you get lumped with fly by night here today gone tommorow blogspot-based scammers

    Good luck trying to sell your blogspot blog (assuming it becomes successful enough to sell)

    There are HOSTS that cost $8 per year... not per month.. PER YEAR

    A domain costs all of $10

    If you want to succeed in online publishing: INVEST In your infrastructure. It isn't much

    If anything THE ACT OF INVESTING in your business pushes you to take it more seriously

    my 2 cents
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    Blogger is very low quality I recommend going with WordPress or Wix buy your own domain from Namecheap.
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    Go ahead. Just start it with blogger/blogspot. It's fine. You'll learn from it and it's worth it if you have limited fund. Expand your business when you're ready. Anyway, you need to take your first step somehow. The mistake? You'll get it a lot very soon. And you have to! Good luck!

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
    . . . . . Let me help cutting your ad production cost! . . . . .
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    Never but NEVER purchase a domain name from the same place that you host. I understand the expenses issue, but there are other inexpensive hosting options.

    That stated, blogger should be used as a parasite, never as your money site.

    Why didn't you ask this question PRIOR to making the committment?

    Originally Posted by Pradeep Bhagwat View Post

    HI Friends,

    To avoid expenses I decided to start blogger blog and buy domain at blogger. Using blogger platform I want to avoids hosting expenses. Is it worthy. Please guide me.

    - Pradeep
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    yes ... buy your own domain name at godaddy or namecheap or namesilo or similar
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    Just like what everyone else is saying get a cheap domain from godaddy or namecheap
    get hosting from host gator and use wordpress or you can pay for wordpress hosting through godaddy i think its less than $15 a month i believe. But to get yourself familiar with the blogging side of things blogger is good to get started i believe they can also integrate google adsense as well so you can monetize once you start getting some traffic using the right methods

    Best of Luck
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    You can currently get hosting for less than $100.00 per year and some places have intro offers for less than $50.00 per year, why not go that route. If you insist on using blogger then at least point your own domain at it


    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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