Making money from articles in 2020?

by him77
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Hello all,

I've been out of IM for a while and in the process of jumping back in. I know a lot has changed so my question is how are you guys making money with articles outside of Adsense ?
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    You can review products and insert your affiliate links.
    You can do tutorial articles and link to useful products.
    You can write articles and sell them.
    If you have traffic to your articles you can sell ads.

    There are still many uses of articles :-)
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      please or I can insert my affiliate links
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    I've been killing it through articles for more than 20 years. In my experience, marketing using articles is the most effective and scalable promotion method of all time. This is not going to change in 2020.

    My method is to produce relevant and engaging articles to bring targeted prospects to my niche websites. I then distribute these articles to online/offline publications which already are being read by my prospects.

    For example, for any given commercially viable niche, there may be thousands or perhaps even hundreds of thousands of suitable publications for distribution. Editors and bloggers are hungry for quality content for their reading audiences.
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    There are alot of ways to use articles to get traffic and in turn make money for your website. You can:

    - Repurpose them into Youtube videos
    - Repurpose them into podcasts
    - Use them to build up your blog and website content for SEO
    - Distribute them to webmasters for syndication
    - Become a freelancer
    - Sell them as PLR material
    - Combine them into PDF's and upload them onto document sites
    - Use them as guest blogging content

    These are just some of the few uses for them.

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    We have been working collaboratively with our associates on various channels like Social, E-mail, and mobile marketing.
    Yeah, updating the outdated content on your websites seems to be a relatively good option at this moment.

    #seo bangalore #e-mail marketing #digital marketing #branding partner
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    Welcome back first of all!
    There are many ways and the best is out of content marketing. At this moment of time, you just need to first concentrate on attracting traffic and then you can use it for affiliates, advertisements or whatever you want. Right now, online sources are on high traffic as users are sticking to online sources only. The need of an hour is write one good piece of content and optimize it to use to the best of your requirements.
    Thoughtful Minds - Offering Content writing, Copywriting that Search Engines and user both love.
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    You can also decide to research write informative content post it on your blog and let readers access it at a fee.
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    Article marketing is great! Simply write educative content and use the opportunity to promote related product by link back to your site.
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    Originally Posted by him77 View Post

    Hello all,

    I've been out of IM for a while and in the process of jumping back in. I know a lot has changed so my question is how are you guys making money with articles outside of Adsense ?
    Affiliate marketing & Lead generation
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    I also suggest affiliate marketing and post publishing which are, information, how-to , technical, tutorial etc.
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  • My guess has always been that it was super-saturated by now, especially if you're relying on SEO or organic traffic. But judging from the replies above, some people are making it work - I'm intrigued.
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      Originally Posted by Steven of Polonius View Post

      My guess has always been that it was super-saturated by now, especially if you're relying on SEO or organic traffic. But judging from the replies above, some people are making it work - I'm intrigued.
      The potential for SEO or organic traffic is comparatively insignificant in scope relative to what intentional content marketing can do.

      For example, I distribute my articles regularly to nearly 90,000 online/offline publication partners for dozens of my marketing niches.

      Back in prehistoric days (before the internet), this was called "article syndication", although it has been extensively maligned here on the forum mostly by the "SEO" crowd far from its original model.

      Writers would submit articles to newspaper and magazine editors for publication. Usually a byline was given for contact information. But "branding" or name recognition is the real attention currency in competitive arenas.

      This 100+ year-old model is still working today (offline and online), perhaps better now than ever before. No "saturation" is in sight.
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    I am always prefer to affiliate marketing.if you want earn money without ad sense you should doing affiliate marketing and product review.
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    You first have to figure out what problems people have. For example they have a dog that is not behaving well.

    After you find out about your audience's problem, you write a problem solving article about it. Something like "5 tips to teach your dog how to behave".

    Try to write an high quality article about that topic and in the end you can recommend a product with more helpfule tips or a way how the promoted product can help them even better and faster than what you wrote in your article.

    The trick is to help them out, but not giving away all the ways how to fix their problems.

    This is a great way to monetize your articles.

    I hope that was helpful for you to understand how you can make money with articles
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    all you need to do is finding a good product with a huge sales funnel and then you can generate content around this topic and lead people with your articles to the product
    STOP getting confused and lied to. Click Here to get the best book about affiliate marketing out there.
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  • Profile picture of the author George Flm
    Article marketing is alive and kicking. The dash for the gold-rush in the works.

    Part of the success is repurposing content with some editorial review and you're golden.
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    If you have command on good contents means you can do lots of things online like you can write for any person who is looking for good contents. You can manage a blog with informative and good contents where reader will attract and you can make money by place ads or any affiliate link or products related to your contents.

    In short there are many ways ..... i am defining few because if any one define briefly then can write a a book.
    E-Commerce SEO Link Building Solution | Complete Seo Services Packages
    High Quality SEO Link Building Services & Best ROI or Money Back with us.
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    First, you need to identify a niche, decide products you want to promote and that is it. Your work will be to write articles and hyperlink it to your site.
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    I make money via Google AdSense By building an authority around NICHES




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    If you write good content good articles then make a blog and make money online
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  • Gotta remembah always how the etymyool origin of ARTICLE goes way back to Latin types bendin' ovah all articulate bcs essential gymnastic talents.

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    But I love so how the orignl Latin invites us to look in on the intrinsic BENDINESS of evrythin' we see an' evrythin' we subsequently show or tell.

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    Eithah you switch your AVAILABLE JUICY on ... or you shut it down, n'er 'e'er to reach light of day.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    Originally Posted by him77 View Post

    Hello all,

    I've been out of IM for a while and in the process of jumping back in. I know a lot has changed so my question is how are you guys making money with articles outside of Adsense ?

    Over eight years ago I had no income.

    When I left my highly successful job as an ex-pat executive & began my online business startup, I purposely didn't start with a complex business plan.

    I focused on the simplicity & the practicality of landing to my first client because
    I knew that I would only get a sense of real income once I tested my business idea in the marketplace, not on paper for me to see if someone will pay me.

    My initial approach was based on putting together what I know (my experience) and match it with what people's needs. And when I got my first client, that's when I concentrate on writing articles that are only related to my target market.

    Decide On The Primary Topics You Want To Cover.

    Here are some best tips in deciding the topic you want to cover:
    • Your audience should never be everyone. Be as specific as possible.
    • Define your audience pain points
    • Define the product benefits your audience can get
    • The outcome your audience can get if they consume your content

    Categorize all of your content topics based on your selected keyword phrase. Not only you better measure which topics are working best for you, but this will also help when you want to repackage your content in the future.

    I hope this helps.
    Jeng Cua
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    Write it. Put affiliates links. Post online. Make fat stacks. Easy peasy.

    If it's too good to be true...
    Fraud - An Inside Look

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    There are tons of ways and topics you can write and discuss. Anything that you like can be okay and you could also try to read work of others and try to get ideas from it but not to the point you are plagiarizing their work.

    I think the best way for you is to write anything that you want, a niche so to speak. Then make a website and just keep on writing daily or every 2 to 3 days. Use SEO tools to make your way up the ranks.

    You can do everything on your spare time and after more than 6 months or a year and you still keep doing it without hesitation, then your website would grow. Every good result comes out from hard work and perseverance so just keep on writing or if you are too lazy and you have all the money the just hire them to write articles or content for you. Lol.
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    With all the recent Google updates recently, it is difficult to rank articles nowadays.
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