How would you start a content writing service this 2020?

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I am looking to offer content writing as a service this year and attach WordPress support and maintenance(I have good WordPress skills) as an add-on service in a specific niche (So content writing and WordPress maintenance for $xxx/month). But i hear the content writing industry is way too saturated. How would you recommend i start a successful content writing service in 2020? Thanks.
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  • You can offer your writing services on this website ===>>

    You can create a track record of your work that you are doing and being paid for. You can eventually upsell your other service's that you have on offer, on your website.
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  • Originally Posted by darlington maduabuchi View Post

    But i hear the content writing industry is way too saturated. How would you recommend i start a successful content writing service in 2020? Thanks.
    'Too saturated' gives you the opportunity to do something different, and stand out.

    Take a look at Andre Chapron's website (tinylittlebusiness). Notice how he has only 20 articles on his site? Each article is specifically created to anchor his brand (philosophy) and also give the reader a lot of value. Look at the article (manifesto) on the homepage, and notice how it educates, builds trust and credibility, furthers his brand mission... all while attracting the right audience and repelling the rest?

    Every piece of content is created for a specific purpose. That's no small thing.

    Compare that to most blogs that have hundreds of 'how-to' posts that do feck all to anchor the brand, attract a specific audience, or give the reader something different? It's usually the same on almost all blogs you land on. Content created for content sake.Rehashed nonsense you can read just about anywhere. That's what's over-saturated.

    Go look at the 'tinylittlebusiness' website (I don't know Andre, so this isn't a promotional piece I'm pushing). Could a website with just 20 articles drive more business than a blog with 500 articles?

    When done right, those 20 articles become 20 sales letters that sell you on the company's mission. Buy into the mission, and you buy into the company.

    If you mastered how to write exceptional homepage manifesto's for big players, you'd make a killing. There's certainly no saturation on that side of the fence.

    Just something to think about.
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    I think you should also offer you writing services on all freelance sites where you can like fiver ,upwork ,elance ,odesk etc
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    Just get started listing your services on the freelancing sites, and also on your own website. You have the right idea to offer your writing services in a particular niche, as writing about everything will only lead to "thin" content and possibly missing the angle of a particular piece.

    You have to market your content writing service the same way you would market any other service. And you're charging $XXX/month. How much content are you looking to create for a particular client for $XXX/month? Do you have a fee structure in place?
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    It isn't saturated if you SPECIALIZE

    There are still people earning 6 figures doing COPYWRITING

    That part of the market is not going to go anywhere anytime soon

    Focus on your CORE COMPETENCY, SCALE UP, and prove yourself (ie., have a solid portfolio)
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    Internet marketers of all types ALWAYS require content.
    But you should decide if you will have time to develop
    content and do all the other things you wish to capitalize
    upon. If I were you I'd focus on setting up the WordPress
    sites and build up my monthly recurring/residual income
    by offering hosting, updates, maintenance, etc. That way
    you can offer content development services as an aside,
    farm that work out to others and mark up the prices.
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    Start by offering your services on Freelancer, Fiverr and build a quality portfolio of every job you do.
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    I recommend that you specialise in writing for a specific niche.

    That makes you an instant expert, and makes it much easier to find and relate to potential clients.

    One of the biggest mistakes in marketing in general is wanting everyone in the world to be your customer . . . the more you focus and specialise, the easier it is to get Known, Liked and Trusted, which is the key to selling effectively.

    Hope that helps

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    Hi Darlington Maduabuchi,

    In 2020 Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, and other freelancing sites these are the best platform to start content writing services.
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    whatever you choose you should focus on "types" of articles. and example would be to follow Erica Stones method of writing product reviews for Amazon associate review site. To know more of what I am talking about head over to warrior plus and lookup sojourn (that is Erica's user name) and her product extreme review. Learn to write those type of reviews and you could do well for yourself, in my opinion.

    That is just one example, the bottom line is find your writing niche and dominate


    A bar of iron cost $5. Made into horseshoes, it's worth $12. Made into needles, it's worth $3500. Made into balance springs for watches, it's worth $300,000. Your value is determined by what you are able to make of yourself

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    What content would you prefer to write about?

    There's hundreds of industries to write content for, but they all have different audiences.

    For example, Health and fitness has a much different market than doomsday preppers.

    Given recent events, I wish I started building a list full of doomsday preppers years ago... lol
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      Originally Posted by JPs copy View Post

      ...Given recent events, I wish I started building a list full of doomsday preppers years ago... lol
      The doomsday prepper market is an evergreen frenzy. And they often buy in huge quantities for stockpiling.
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        How many of them are sitting back in their basements patting themselves on the back? *sigh*
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          Originally Posted by JPs copy View Post

          How many of them are sitting back in their basements patting themselves on the back? *sigh*
          Perhaps nowhere near as many of the marketers patting themselves on the back for capitalizing on hoarding.
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    How about offering writing / tutorial creation services to Wordpress plugin developers?

    Many of them suck at explaining their own products :-)
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    Blog post writer can be found at fiverr starting at 5 usd per article (500 words). I think much better option is to create your own blog and create content only for you site.
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    The content writing industry is too saturated with bad writers. I got a man from Kennya that writes all my articles. I pay 20 dollars for 1000 word article, 40 for 2000, 60 for 3000 & 80 for 4000.

    There are loads of people offering content for half that. But the quality of this man is just amazing. He writes data sheet, description, recommendations, legislation, etc.

    One article done 2 years ago, 4000 words, made me tens of thousands. I am getting 10-50 visits per day just from that article and i make 1-2 sales per day. 2 weeks after i posted the article i have noticed a big increase in sales. I checked google and i could not believe my eyes. I manage to cut off many huge corporations. Since then (2017) i am first. I sell tones of carpet cleaning shampoos.

    The price is not that relevant. Cheap prices can attract people but they will leave fast. I pay my man 1000-1500 per month. I got him few other contracts.

    There is a huge demand for your trade man
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    A lot of people are trying different freelancing jobs now because they are at home, but that doesn't mean they will stick with it after all of this is gone.

    I know many people think they can be a writer, yet just because you can put a sentence together that doesn't mean you have it. And by having it I mean the passion to put thousands of hours of work in this niche to become good at it.

    (Yes, until you write a TON of content you can't call yourself a good writer.)

    The virus will disappear and life will get back to normal.

    Many people that tried their feet with freelancing will get back to what they were doing before.

    So the saturation will dissolve and the need for writers will increase.

    The question is, how will you be prepared for it?

    When a lot of clients will start looking for writers, how will you be there to meet the demand?

    What your expertise will be?

    What will you offer differently than others?

    Answer these questions, work up on your skills and build an awesome portfolio. Then you'll be ready!

    But don't expect to get any kind of valuable work without a portfolio of written samples.
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    First it is better to work in some writing platforms ND then after having some clients you can do your client management trough your own website.

    Get my Free Course here

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    Before you start content writing business first of all keep in mind what kind of writing job you can provide. You can decide which niche you want to work and what would be the charges. You also need to hire good content writers full time/part time depending on your budget and need. You may have to do marketing and spend money on SEO/SEM/Social Media Marketing to attract clients.
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    It may seem that the market is saturated, but actually most of the content writers provide you with a high-quality, outstanding crap. So, if your services are at least decent, you may stand out, especially if you can manage to offer prices, similar to freelancers, while maintaining a quality level of a content writing company. So, I`ll say that a good business model is to be a small company oriented at a local market with relatively good writing standards.
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