Live video and social distancing

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While flattening the curve via social distancing means zero physical interaction with our audience, this doesn't mean that we have no other means of reaching out to them. In fact, the five-man boyband Backstreet Boys performed a live rendition of their hit "I Want It That Way".

If artists can perform distant concerts, so can marketers. In fact, you can have all your events for the year fully-digital, just like what Microsoft announced.

Google already cancelled its I/O event last March, but it would've been nice if it instead offered a live video alternative.
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  • You can always charge more for your attendees to attend a live event, than for a livestreaming video.

    Though under these circumstances you can have more attendees paying you for live video online event. Our Catholic church had more online views than people who'd normally show up for actual mass celebration. Yes those attendees pay monthly to the church, so the video is an online celebration of Sunday morning mass. These are already built in paying monthly subscribers. This video is hosted on the church's local Facebook fanpage.

    You can have a similar concept as the church, with online video having your subscribers pay you an attendance fee to participate in your online group coaching program or online live event. Like the church, have a monthly recurring fee so you can have schedule livestreaming events throughout the year. You offer high value content in weekly videos that leads to the end of the month high ticket offer, which is just another live video offering even more high value content in your niches. .
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      Wow. A very informative post. Thanks bro
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    Planet Fitness is offering live video classes to its members since the gyms are physically closed. Alot of people are using it for their workouts, but for the meat heads like me i still need the weights - instead of alot of cardio exercising.
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      Hi Randall,
      Beachbody has a 14-day free trial. 22 minute Hard Core is a combo of Cardio and Resistance workouts
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    Majority of the worlds population is on social media period .In.reality we don't need to be in.physical contact with our audirnces and prospects.Self quarantine does not apply to the digtal world .
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    Its pretty impressive that zoom hasn't crashed from the overload on its servers these past few weeks. Live events and webinars are actually preferable, cost effective and more efficient
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