Leveraging your channels to keep people updated about COVID-19

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The global economy is practically in a standstill as health workers attempt to stem the COVID-10 pandemic, but this doesn't mean that business can't do anything but wait for the storm to pass. That's pure waste of time.

In fact, your brand can still become relevant by posting coronavirus-related announcements. For example, you can:
  • Display a banner or popup informing your business status.
  • Provide updates on possible delays on pickup or deliveries, if applicable.
  • Announce in-person event cancellations, and offering a web-based alternative, if applicable.
  • Share how your business responds to the pandemic, and how you can help.

Chime in.
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  • If you're a member of your local chamber of commerce, you can participate and/or sponsor in recovery efforts. This makes your brand visible to the media.
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  • I think subconsciously we are all doing our bit to survive and it's filtering through to our channels, keeping people informed about the Covid-19 outbreak.

    It's evident in your recent posts, that you are using this Covid-19 outbreak, as a means to generate new relevant engaging content, that helps keep your threads on the top of the forum feed.

    Similarly using your Facebook fanpage, whatsapp status and Twitter account, to be relevant during this time can be useful, as long as it doesn't distract your prospects, from buying your products or services, you may be promoting online, via those channels, during this time of global crisis.
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    Businesses online and offline can also:

    - Send weekly emails letting subscribers know your company is battling COV-19
    - Notify social media followers daily about new developments you're making in your business
    - Offer general tips on how to protect yourself from the virus. It shows you care
    - Offer live training from home if possible
    - Offer free shipping on items since many are unemployed - assuming that it doesn't cause you to lose money on every sale
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    Yup ..there are ways to stay afloat and draw attention to your brand as you have mentioned a few ways to doit .
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