Hello WARRIORS! I need your help!( PRINT COMPANY PRODUCT )

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I have a friend who has a Printing Company.(painting design, canvas paintings, ... everything that can be personalized).
He told me to prospect the market a little, to see what products are in demand, because he wants to open a website with direct selling.
How can I choose a good product?
How can I market this kind of service online?He has a website, facebook page, pineterest,but he sells only B2B from old clients; HE WANT TO GROW, OR TO CHOOSE ONLY A FEW PRODUCTS TO WORK WITH....
Thank you!
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    Look at what other successful websites are doing to sell similar products. Do some Google searches for the products and look at the websites on the first page of results and see what they are selling and how they are selling it.

    You can also look at their website stats (use MOZ and other free tools), and compare them with your friend's website.

    To make sales a website needs 2 things:

    1) plenty of targeted traffic, such as people specifically searching to buy those products

    2) a way of converting traffic into sales, effectively.

    You can get more traffic by doing SEO. For how to convert traffic, do the same as what the most successful websites are doing.

    An alternative is to use paid ads, such as FaceBook ads, Google ads, Pinterest ads etc.

    If your friend is getting a good number of Clicks on some Pinterest pins (this can be checked for free, using a free Pinterest Business account), then try paid ads for those same pins, to get enough clicks to see if the website landing page is converting well . . . if not, ask an expert in landing page conversions.

    Basically, look at what other people are doing successfully with similar products and do something similar to what they are doing, and/or ask experts in each part of the process, such as SEO, landing-page conversions, FB ads etc.

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    It's a good idea to go to Google Trends (trends.google.com), in which you will be able to see what is trending and what actual people are actually searching for to get some ideas.
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    T-shirts are probably the most popular. Canvas wall art is also big.
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    Now that we are in the midst of the coronavirus debacle, your friend should wait for at least 2 months before testing the waters so to say. As it has been mentioned personalized t-shirt designs have always been a hit. But I'd go a step further and create YouTube videos depicting both how the t-shirt designs (and other products) are made and showcasing them.
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    Thank you, guys! I will apply for your ideas! Cheers!
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