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I have about 80 or so articles of which only maybe at best 4 are ranked 1st page.

My Question is can I reword some content in the article and hope it goes up in ranking or am I wasting my time?
Or should I just write new articles? (I plan on doing this anyway) just wondering what to do with the ton of articles that are ranked 1000 out of 1 mil.

I think when I started out on this venture I did it backwards however it is generating me some income but not much around 100$ a month. I put all my articles on my page and index them threw my site. So it helps to have my articles ranked higher so I get the targeted traffic.

Well let me know If this sounds confusing because the more I write the more confused I get. Ty all ahead of time.

Army Strong!
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    Dont bother rewording content, instead just build backlinks to them so that their ranking rises.
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    Generally speaking, it isn`t worth to reword those articles.
    Better invest same time in more backlinking efforts.
    Hope you`ll get better ranking asap.
    Good luck
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    I would do liike everyone said and work on backlinks. I don't know how keyword rich your articles are but you could try a free tool called which will help you make your article very keyword rich and changing the titles of the articles so that your main keyword or words are in ever title.
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    Take a look at your articles that are ranking on page 1 and ensure your future articles follow the same method. Make sure that you do your keyword research and competition research and target keywords with lower competition and above 1000 searches a month.

    Obviously, also ensure your articles are optimised correctly as well.
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    Thanks for all the valuable input.

    Some things That I know I need help on and more research is keywords (tags) I think I got lucky on those few articles that rank high. As for backlinks I have about 500+ but I think I have been doing that wrong also, I have my backlinks just to my main page should I do the links to each individual aricle aswell? For example all my backlinks would be just like my sig but what what I am gathering they should be more specific and be like etc.

    The other thing I was thinking because when I started out not knowing how to use the tags in wordpress or keyword correctly should I del the tags I have now and try to adjust or optimise them?

    Again thanks for all the help
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    Yes, dont reword the article just build back links. There are several ways to do that, but one of my favorite ways to build up backlinks to articles is to just link those articles in the signature of a few forums. You would be surprised, 10 or more back links can really make a huge difference in your article ranking.
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    I agree with Roy. Maybe some of your articles are just lacking, or you lost momentum as you wrote them. Also, you didn't say, but are all of the articles similar to each other, content wise? There is a huge crackdown lately on "derivative" content, which may also be one of the reasons why you are not seeing the same results.

    If you feel most of the articles pretty much say the same thing, or could be more original, then perhaps you could in fact consider getting them written or changing a few things, or simply do as others say, provide more backlinks.

    Either way, if you do back links or re-write some of it, you still have to do some work, so I say just outsource it!
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    Try and build backlinks to it. and submit it to other sites and blogs.
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    I needed to add something here I have been doing some research about SEO keyword density and from what I have gathered I should have between 3-5% KYD for my said keyword is that correct?

    And if so and I know my articles do not follow that path then should I reword them would this help or again am I wasting my time?

    Thanks for all the reply's so far it a huge help.

    Ok I have been reading more and more each and every day trying to learn this stuff.

    Here is what I have figured out in a nutshell if yall could see if I am on the right track.

    1. I have about 80 articles all relating to the same subject however each with individual content for example if my site was about food I would have 80 articles relating to food but each being specific in nature. (IE. T-bone steak, Rice crispies, etc. ) I think you get the drift.

    Now my backlinks I built like this. I wanted them to be target specific so over the course of the past year or so I have been looking at similar sites to mine commenting on them and leaving my input and a sig (with my site link main site though

    I have also joined forums relating to my subject and have the sig imbedded their also.

    Yahoo groups in my subject and many other social sites as well.

    In my opinion the link in my sig from here does give me traffic however it is not the targeted traffic I want so basically this backlinks would not count for anything. (Is that correct?)

    Am I in left field or am I on the right track?

    I still know very little as to what my keywords should be when I write an article (I am lacking very bad in this dept.)

    What I have been doing is finding a keyword with little competition and as big of search criteria as possible and making an article about it.

    For example Wheat Bread is the keyword I would design the article talking about wheat bread but in clued allot of other things about how wheat bread is good etc etc. Then when including my keywords in wordpress put wheat bread and possible healthy choice as those words.

    Is there such a thing as to many with 1 article?

    Ok enough rambling for now thanks again.
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    All the links you build to each article should have the anchor text you're trying to rank for.

    So if your article is about "wheat bowl" and you wanted to rank for that, all links to that article from other sites - directories, forums, blogs etc should have the anchor text wheat bowl and go to that specific page your article is on.
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    Backlinking helps, but up to a point.

    If your keyphrases have a strong strength of competition then your backlinking efforts need to be better than them.

    KEY POINT Your keyprases may have a lot of competition, but their backlinking and on page optimisation may be poor.

    Your competitors may be few but have masses of strong baclinks and on page optimization is spot on.

    Not knowing this VITAL POINT can leave you doing work and not knowing whether if, or when you are going to rank high enough.

    Knowing the keyphrases you are prepared to work at to dominate up front requires a strength of competition anaylis done.

    I recommend doing that now before doing anything else.

    This can be done by buying Micro Niche Finder, or if you want me to, I can run your keyphrases through it.

    This is how guys like Brian Johnson made over $20 grande over the last 2 months from the Halloween micro niches.

    Get the research right up front and work your plan.

    PM if you need help with the strength of competion research.

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