Best Webinar Platform? (Anybody has WebinarJam lifetime?)

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I remember the day I was about to buy Webinar Jam.

I've checked it several times and it didn't even have the option to disable group chat, so it didn't make much sense to buy it. Another issue was the platform was based on Google Hangouts, and it had huge latency.

So I let the offer go for good... and today I think it was a mistake.

I've tried several webinar platforms after that, and Webinar Jam seems to be one of the best. (Unless you can tell me a better one).

So I was wondering, does anybody have a lifetime WebinarJam license? I am willing to buy it if you don't use it.
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    Not sure if zoom is a webinar platform but my niece just did some yoga classes using zoom. My wife participated and it seemed to work pretty well


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    GoToWebinar is one of the most popular, and I know it is used by some people who have made many millions from their webinar, but I also know that is true for WebinarJam having read the success stories on their FB Group, so some people are getting great results from them

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      Thanks Chris, do you happen to know anybody selling a lifetime license for WebinarJam?

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        Originally Posted by DenisBalitskiy View Post

        Thanks Chris, do you happen to know anybody selling a lifetime license for WebinarJam?
        I don't, sorry

        I recommend you join the WebinarJam FB Group and get involved there.

        If it's of interest, there are a lot of experts on that FB Group, such as experts in using FB ads for webinars, experts on creating a high-converting webinar registration page etc.

        WebinarJam (I actually used EverWebinar, which is their separate platform for "simulated-live" webinars) did have a 60 day free trial last year, not sure if that is still available.

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