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Hi Guys,

Due to current circumstances, I've been noticing the drop in my blog traffic. Topics that I usually write about just aren't working. The domain I'm focusing on is mobile apps. So there are plenty of blog post ideas to engage users, except of course in the current circumstances.

What are you guys doing to keep up with the readers? What topics are you covering? If I could get some suggestions, that would be fantastic.
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    What is grabbing the most attention these days? What are people reading? Tap into those audiences by expanding your reach into other publications with similar readership demographics as yours. Many non-competing publications and blogs may welcome your articles and/or comments. This is a proven and extremely powerful method for driving convertible traffic to your funnel.
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      I do share my blog posts and contribute articles on other websites. Never really thought about commenting. I'll try this as well.

      Yes, it appears that other webmasters are experiencing this issue as well.

      Can you give some insight into the technical aspect?

      I think building a relationship with your readers is pretty difficult if you have a service website, like mobile and website development.
      Only developers and tech-savvy people will be interested in reading tech topics. What do you think?
      Umm, I do cover topics like gaming apps, social media apps, smartphone news, etc. I get better traffic on these, but, I'm seeing a drop in traffic for these as well. The content quality is pretty good, it's SEO optimized as well.

      -comments and questions _ I don't get any
      -Yes, I do, but you have to understand that I have to keep my blog posts in close alignment with the keywords I'm targeting.
      -Contributions? as in guest post requests? _, in this case, they always want a link in return. So I don't accept blog contributions.
      -Can you tell me some examples, how can I reach out to my audience?

      Coronavirus tracker? Hmm, so is this working for your websites?

      Yes, I have checked. Hmm, there is no such penalty, and I haven't lost any links.
      I'm not referring to the whole website, I'm only asking about my blog.

      Have you tried this yourself? I feel like after the current issue settles down, my blog could appear inauthentic with respect to the domain I'm targeting.

      These days people are focused on corona. But I presume that If I start writing on this topic and once this issue settles down, my blog could appear inauthentic with respect to the domain I'm targeting. It won't provide value to my target audience.

      Yes, I'm doing everything you've mentioned above.
      So, this means you haven't changed your blog strategy with respect to the pandemic?

      Thank you very much.
      Do you know of any other tools like buzzsumo?

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    Towards the end of March many webmasters reported fluctuation in their traffic. I wonder if your blog has been affected by that too. When I experience changes in traffic (drop, fluctuations, etc,) I search online to see if other webmaster are experiencing the same.
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    Khloe, there is a technical aspect of the issue that you mention. But there's also the quality of the content you create. It's difficult to suggest without looking into your content. Generally speaking, most successful bloggers that I dealt with managed to build a relationship with their reader base. It's similar to a forum in a way. Without any details from your side, a standard SEO agency would tell you something like "have a look at the articles your competitors, who do better than you, are posting and go for similar topics". Personally though I try to avoid generalizing at all cost.
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    I would suggest you please do a little bit of marketing research. What your competitors are doing, find their strength and weakness and compare it to yours. And then make a strong strategy and write actionable content.
    I hope this will work.
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  • Engagement isn't jut about the topics that you write about. Like what @Eugene SEO said, it's about having an actual relationship with your readers.

    Do you respond to comments and questions?
    Do you pay attention to what their interests are and write about it?
    Do you acknowledge when they make significant contributions to your blog?
    Do you reach out to them and involve them in the process?

    If you don't do any of the things above, you're not really engaging your audience.
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    Hey Khloe,

    Writing content is one thing, but writing quality content that is based off keywords that have a relatively high search volume and not so much competition is another thing.

    Use SEO tools like Ahrefs, Moz and a whole host of different softwares to find what specific topics have a substantial amount of potential traffic. Look at what your competitors are doing. Can you post similar articles but give your own twist/angle? Or can you outperform them by using more more accurate data in your blog?

    Of course, don't start writing about something that doesn't relate to your blog or that your fans won't enjoy.

    Setup an autoresponder that welcomes new subscribers and constantly give them value that they can apply. This can come in all shapes and sizes. Send them free pdf's, ebooks, etc.

    Hopefully this helps!

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    Its normal for the traffic to be slow in this period as people this days dont care so much about usual things .They are worried about coronavirus ,theyr health theyr money etc . People are afraid to spend this days as they are worried about their money etc
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    I would like to add a coronavirus tracker on my site. I run some sports betting sites and there traffic is huge down these days.
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    If you're experiencing a drop in organic traffic you may have a Google penalty or SEO problem. If you're losing referral or social visitors, check if you are missing links to your content in social media. Also, check out your referral sources to see if other sites have removed links that were sending traffic your way.
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    As i had also noticing this a very huge fall is seen in the traffic one thing i suggest you to write the blogs on the current situation what is hot topic/trending in todays date as share as much as possible on social medias you will receive getting traffic soon from this must try
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  • There are several things you can to gain your previous position in traffic. First of all, follow and active on some platforms, where your target audience usually ask questions. Like this forum, you can follow some other (Quora, Reddit, etc) and find most ask questions in your niche. Write a article which can give the perfect answer or solution of a problem and share that with your audience.
    Next thing, you can do is just check the trending topic in your niche. To find this, you can use tools like buzzsumo. Another thing you should do is competitor analysis. Pick any of your competitor and check their most popular articles. Then, update the article and publish because which works for them, surely will work you.
    I hope it will help you.
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    the theme of the fashion industry, and isolation with the pranks in tik Tok
    Make an anti crisis option if you have a block about business or your own thoughts
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  • I write and sell articles for a living. Therefore, I have had to retool and focus on content that my audience is (likely) searching for online now. I have had decent success selling articles on the following topics: Working from home, activities you can do at home, how to handle self-quarantine, what you should know about COVID-19, etc. There's no easy answer for blog owners. You just have to try to align your new content with the (new) interests of your readers. It will take some trail and error. Hopefully, you already know your audience well.
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    OP, what was your traffic blend before? ORGANIC (ie., search engines) or social-driven?

    If your organic traffic dropped, you might want to do an SEO audit and do a competitor comparison
    They might be focusing on keywords that are outclassing you

    There's also the possibility of NEGATIVE SEO (can't rule this out, unfortunately)

    Want To Make More Money Online? Invest in BETTER CONTENT!
    Articles - Blogs - Authority sites - Ecommerce descriptions - Emails - Youtube video scripts - AFFORDABLE RATES!
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    WELCOME THE NEW WORLD. The new economy has new consumer interests. Self-help, health, and making money online are hot evergreen niches AS ALWAYS.
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    Originally Posted by Khloe Hunter View Post

    Hi Guys,

    Due to current circumstances, I've been noticing the drop in my blog traffic. Topics that I usually write about just aren't working. The domain I'm focusing on is mobile apps. So there are plenty of blog post ideas to engage users, except of course in the current circumstances.

    What are you guys doing to keep up with the readers? What topics are you covering? If I could get some suggestions, that would be fantastic.
    I am going to throw a bit of a curve for an answer... write about what ever it is you are writing about... CONSISTENTLY thru this and you will reap the benefits later. Don't think you have to change to meet the latest trends. There are more than a few niches that are slowing.. but once things start back to tracking normal, think of all the added content you will have on your site.

    Just stay on your topic and see this as a bump in the road. And just because you hit a bump doesn't mean you change directions... just keep moving forward.
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Dear You!
    The decrease in traffic is due to many reasons, maybe the number of articles is low, the article is not attractive, the amount of interaction reaches the user is not found from search engines.
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    Poor selection of keywords.

    I use keyword sniffing tools, *then* I churn out the article.

    I get the freshest keywords, what's trendy and what not.

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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    You said that your traffic has been affected by "the current crisis" , well, the Only way to overcome the effects of the Global Crisis is to write about the crisis itself" all you need to do is simply adapt to the socio-economic changes.
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    Be sure to analyze your site.
    Perhaps you have poorly optimized it.
    Research your content, analyze the content of your competitors.
    Traffic could fall due to poor SEO settings
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    Any writing on good news about the pandemic is likely to attract readership. Be on the lookout for news on vaccine, cure ....just anything that gives some hope.
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    Google seo roundtable. They have the latest Google algo update info and webmaster chat.
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    @ Khloe Hunter: Please use the quote function or nobody using the Classic View will know which post you're replying to.

    TOP TIP: To browse the forum like a Pro, select "View Classic" from the drop-down menu under your user name.

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    The reason of blog traffic getting dropped may be due to Covid19, once the issue gets sorted your traffic may get increased. Also at the same time if you write trending topic or happening topic it will give more traffic.

    Let me know your thoughts.

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    Topics related to "mobile apps" usually generate tones of traffic.

    Here are some tips to increase blog traffic -

    (a) choose trending keywords from "Google Trends"
    (b) use related links in the footer of all posts to get better user engagement.
    (c) Use custom images within content.
    (d) Use "table of content" for better navigation.
    (e) Share post on social media with JetpPack plugin which allows OG tags.

    Thanks, Lawrence.
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  • There are other verticals that are not doing well at the moment for example travel and fashion. But there is also more interest about topics related to "working from home"

    Use Google Trends to get an idea of whats popular at the moment and then prepare articles around that topic.

    Investigate what your competitors are writing about, and look at how you can improve on that article, then plan a better and longer article.

    Good Luck!
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    In this pandemic situation people seize their buying capacity and focusing more on saving the money. Since we all are still in uncertainty that when things come to normal. However, you have to add content and keep your blog updated.

    Blogging Tips & tricks@ Bloggingpond.com

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    What were your traffic stats prior to this?
    Can you share?
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    Just relax, it's kind of everything has slowed down but we hope they will pick up soon.
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    I have a channel and SEO Blog that is about Reviews, Affiliate Marketing and Making Money Online.

    There was a big drop in views / visitors during March, April but numbers started recovering in mid April.

    I never changed my topics to get trending views and visitors.

    My content is specific and I remained specific.

    During a pandemic people panic and numbers will drop.

    As things get resolved or more panic is released by more people, your traffic gets back to normal.

    I think it would have been a big mistake if I changed my niche or slowed down on my content creation during the past 2 months.

    I didnt and kept consistent posting every day.
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    Due to the latest Google's algorithm update called Google's Core Updates, some blogs experienced a serious drop in rankings and traffic, and that could be what you also experienced. However, don't leave the topics you've been writing about. They still work and can earn you massive traffic if and only if you can start updating the old posts on your blog one after the other.
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  • How often do you post to your blog and are you using free traffic methods to get your traffic only? How are you monetizing your blog, and is the revenue you earn profitable enough for you to advertise for more traffic?

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