How much does a website typically sell for that earns $5/day in Adsense revenue?

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I am new to the website design market so I'm trying gauge how much a website that has one keyword optimized on the site would sell for if it makes $5/day consistanly over a 6 month span with analytics and screen shots. I was told that one would typically sell for $1000 to $5000.

Any ideas?

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    It depends on many factors.
    Without deeper analysis of particular site it is hard to tell in advance.

    One thing is sure:
    on the market, site is worth exactly how much other party is willing to pay for it at the moment.

    One of the way to find it out (without paying for expert evaluation) is to list it on some of main website auction sites (like sedo or so). You can put your reserved price, so if bidders do not hit expected price you`re not loosing anything.
    Of course, do your research and check ToS of each auction site to be sure what percentage from sell they take (and/or any additional costs) so you can take that in count while determining reserved price.

    Wish you high bids
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    Depending on revenue, consistency in traffic sources (organic, search?), your content (unique?) and so on, the market rate tends to be about 8 - 12 months earnings for Adsense sites.

    So that would put you into the range of $1200 - $1800 approx.

    Again, this depends on quite a few factors.

    The biggest one being the buyer, and what he/she really wants.

    If it's your traffic in that specific niche, then the price may be vastly different. (The key is finding that kind of buyer...)

    Good luck with it



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    Chris got one of the best approximate estimating option:

    Take your monthly revenue and multiply it by 8-10 usually. But that's not always, it still depends on your niche, quality, and possibility of growth. But that can still give you a rough value.
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