IE-7 Spam, Scam Download Alert!

by Michael Mayo 4 replies
Hello Warriors,

I just received an email that states it's from MicroSoft

All links removed for your safty!

Here is the email.
If you received this email do not click on the Download link as it takes you to another site and starts a download that appears to be IE7.exe

I really hate spammers!


Download the latest version!
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    I always use the update browser link and never open e-mail from Microsoft but thanks for the heads up.

    Frank Bruno
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      I just received an email that states it's from MicroSoft
      I got the exact same message myself, fortunately I checked the email headers and could see that it was not from Microsoft, so I deleted it.

      Jeff Henshaw.
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        Yes, I got a couple of those emails. Knew it was phony since... I use a Mac.


        "Sell the Magic of A Dream"

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          I got three.

          They didn't stick around very long.


          " The more you give people what they want...
          ...the more they'll give you what you need." Zig Ziglar

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