How do you get your niche?

by Gnarx
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I am focusing on pushing clickbank products.. How do you guys go about getting your niche? Do you look at click bank first and find a product that you think will do well and then go on the keyword hunt or vice versa?

I am having a little bit of a problem finding keywords that people are searching for but don't have millions of competition pages.

I am using Market Samurai but its not helping me.. I think i'm going about this the wrong way..

Example: I would just type in "lose weight" run MS and get a bunch of keywords back but they are all highly competitive and the variations are also.. i.e. (lose weight FAST, fat weight loss, lose more weight, lose weight quickly.. etc..)

So my main question is, how do you find a niche that:

- People are searching for
- Has keywords in a low competitive market
- Has a Click Bank product to sell along with it.

Thanks guy, I know I am new here and my post count is very low but I am not looking to be spoon-fed and trying to get rich quick. I will be putting my nose to the grindstone and doing this the correct way. This is just a little hiccup that I encountered and need a little tip on how I should go about thinking of a niche that I will be able to get keywords that rank and has a click bank product with it to be profitable.

Thanks warriors.
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    Google Adwords has a free keyword tool that you can use to measure search volume.

    You can promote Clickbank products, but don't forget that CB is not the only affiliate network. PayDotCom is similar and pays with Paypal, though it's a bit less secure. Also, don't forget about affiliate programs for physical products - eBay, Amazon, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Macy's, etc.

    In all that you do, know your True INTENT...

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    You won't find a better tool than Market Samurai but you will most likely have to use long tail keywords. Don't get hung up on using just Clickbank products as "moneysoapbox" mentioned there are many options. Start thinking of unusual niches. I know it can be very time consuming and frustrating because of the competition these days.

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      Thanks for the replies. That is what my problem has been is just picking a niche where finding the keywords is possible. Thanks for the idea also about using physical products and not just ebooks and help manuals etc.. That has me thinking now a little better about how I might choose a topic.
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      Originally Posted by cobra tatham View Post

      You won't find a better tool than Market Samurai but you will most likely have to use long tail keywords.

      When you say long tail keywords that is just keywords related to the niche but you have to dig down deep to find.. or do you mean like 3+ word keyphrases..

      also, I am still confused about which stat you follow when the competing pages jumps as much as 20k to 17 million whenever you search for it in quotes and then w/out.
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    Pick a clickbank product that has a high Gravity score, one that you could create yourself, then create that product. Then create a website with a pitch page similar to the existing products but better, and sell the product through clickbank with your own affiliate program. Then grow your affiliates.

    Being an affiliate is not where the big money is, having a bunch of your own affiliates is.

    Also, pick a niche that you actually are interested in and have some passion for.
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    Great reply Harrison - I really like the point you made.

    Another question I have about Market Samurai real fast just b/c of my wondering mind..

    It is showing the competition for keywords when you type them in quotes into google.. "keywords here". Now I am going to go out on a limb and say most people just type their words into google when searching for something w/out the quotes. So how accurate is the data that MS is returning? I just thought I found a keyword. It had good demand with 20,000 pages of competition. But if you go into google and type it w/out the quotes it jumps to over 17 million pages.

    So that begs the question of which stat you actually go upon or do you run it through google w/out the quotes and if it jumps (as much as the 20k to 17 million) that it is a bad keyword to pursue?

    Again thanks for your reply Harrison I'm not going to ignore that whatsoever as my question just now indicated but I was just wondering about this because I got leave questions unanswered in my head.
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    Find a niche related to any subject you know well.
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      Originally Posted by eriktin View Post

      Find a niche related to any subject you know well.
      Hey ericton!

      I gotta say that I disagree with you because if you have selected a niche that you know about but it has no market value and no buyers then all the time you spend trying to break into that niche is wasted. Also, if you are passionate about a niche that is highly highly competitive then it automatically means months of SEO or hundreds or even thousands in PPC.

      Niche marketing is about finding small low competition niches that are easy to dominate and finding those niches needs research and sometimes lots of it.

      Hope it helps

      “The first draft of anything is shit.” ~Ernest Hemingway

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    thanks for the replies warriors.
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    Your first niche should be something that you like (have passion)

    the 2nd and future niches should be about maximizing revenue
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      Originally Posted by gariben View Post

      Your first niche should be something that you like (have passion)

      the 2nd and future niches should be about maximizing revenue
      I have to disagree here. You should NOT pursue a niche just because you have passion about it. That does not make much sense. You have to study the market and find niches that are profitable. Why would you waste all your time being passionate about something instead of making money?

      Anyway, Market Samurai is a great tool. Be sure to watch all the training videos, they are great. That will cut down your research time by a ton. In order to make the software work great you need to master how to use it.

      Hope that helps. If you have any questions about Market Samurai shoot me a PM and I will help anyway I can

      Good Luck,

      Brett Windmann
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    I do have a passion, it is fly fishing. I actually have an ecommerce website as well as a physical location fly shop. I want to get into IM so I can try to utilize it and try to get even more business. Right now I only have a mailing list that I use to send out to local people who have come into the shop and signed up on my website when I took them there (my website is nothing fance) I just like to keep in touch with the fisherman and I hope when I learn more about IM I can expand my sales beyond just the local market.

    So far I am doing the 30 Day Challenge course (on day 3) and purchased Google sniper. I hope I can learn about IM through the 30DC and then apply that using the Google Sniper method.
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